Wild Card

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Name Wild Card
Origin Unknown
Voiced By None
Fighting Style Advanced Manji Ninja Arts
Age N/A
Blood Type N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Occupation N/A
Hobby N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A


Wild Card is an irregular character only appearing in the arcade version of Tekken. He is the manifestation of the random select used to determine CPU matches when the arcade machine is not in use. For the console version, Wild Card would have been used in conjunction with a random select slot on the character select screen and would have referred to any randomly selected character in the game, but was cut from the final release. A random select option would not be implemented until Tekken Tag Tournament.


  • Was not meant to be an actual character.


Tekken 1[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Wild Card can only be selected through hacking of an emulation of the arcade version. It uses Kazuya's model and Yoshimitsu's moveset. Wild Card does have name plates but does not speak; the only voice clip for Wild Card is the announcer speaking its name.