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Gon - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 3.png
Name Gon
Origin Japan3.png Japan
Voiced By Motoko Kumai (anime)[1]
Fighting Style Dragon Self Defense
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Comic book character & animal protector.
Hobby Playing Tekken 3
Likes Namco, comic books, eating fish
Dislikes Predators


Gon (ゴン Gon) is one of the two bonus characters in Tekken 3, along with Doctor Bosconovitch. Gon is a fictional tiny dinosaur and the title character of a classic Japanese manga, created by Masashi Tanaka. Gon features the completely wordless adventures of the irascible title character as he interacts with the natural world, depicted by Tanaka in lush, realistic detail. Gon did not appear in any other Tekken game.

Tanaka (Gon's creator) has said, "This work contains no dialog or onomatopoetic words. People always ask me why I have done this. From the beginning, I didn't think it was necessary. Manga should be without grammar. I also think that it is strange to give animals human language and make them talk. What I set out to do with Gon was to draw something that was more interesting than anything you could say in words. Manga still has great potential that does not exist in other media. I plan to continue developing the art of expression on paper."

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Tekken 3

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Character Portrait: Gon, Tekken 3
Tekken 3 screenshot: Gon VS Gon


Gon is a licensed character appearing in Tekken 3. He is unlockable by defeating him in the Tekken Ball mode, and he is one of two special hidden characters, along with Doctor Bosconovitch.


It is unknown if Gon's appearance in Tekken 3 is canon or not.

A dolphin flies out of the water and Gon is on its back. The dolphin hits a whale and Gon is shot into the air by the whale's water spout. Gon lands on the island and is running through it uncontrollably, hitting a wolf that is about to eat a raccoon. Gon passes by a bear and steals its fish, eating it when it lands on a puma. The puma runs to the edge of the island, where Gon is launched off, landing on a sea bird (most likely an albatross, judging by its size). As Gon is flying, it seems as though the bird is no longer supporting him; realizing this, Gon falls into the water. The ending repeats it's self until the player inputs any command, hence the name "Loop."


  • Gon can be unlocked by beating him in Tekken Ball mode, or by beating him if it appears randomly during Arcade mode, or by getting a highscore with any character in Survival Mode and setting the name to "GON."
  • While not completely immune, Gon only takes 1 point of damage from True Ogre's fire breath.
  • Gon's bosses in the Tekken Force side game are (in order of appearance) Kuma, Panda, Mokujin, and Heihachi Mishima.
  • Contrary to the laws of chemistry and physics, Gon's 'fart attack', "Gon with the Wind", does not combust if hit with a flame.


Character Trivia

  • Gon is the first non-original Tekken character to appear in the series, with Akuma being the second.
  • Gon shares a few moves with the other animals of the Tekken series, namely Kuma/Panda and Roger/Alex, (and the second King) as well as having two moves slightly similar to those of Yoshimitsu and Ganryu, respectively.
  • Gon is the one of the only two characters so far to not have any canonical relationship with another Tekken fighter, the other character being Bob.
  • According to Harada[2], Gon was not included in succeeding games wasn't because of Copyright issues, but because the team simply "didn't have the time".

Pre-fight Animations

Gon shakes its head to the left and to the right a few times while crouching so that its head is touching the ground. Gon's tail is raised up slightly, as well. Finally, Gon raises its head, lowers its tail, and goes into its fighting stance.

Win Animations

1, 2, 3, or 4: Gon beats on its chest with its fists, closes its eyes, and falls to the ground on its back a short while later, while continuing to beat on its chest until the end of the win animation.

Character Relationships

  • None.