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Tekken Ball Select Screen.
Gon versus Nina Williams in Tekken Ball. The Iron Ball is being used.

Tekken Ball is a side game in Tekken 3 and the Wii U Edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The player chooses a character and the type of ball that will be used. The choices are:

  • Beach Ball, which does 60% worth of damage of the attack used, i.e. if an attack does 25 damage, 60% of it (15 damage) is delivered to the ball.
  • Gum Ball, which does 80% worth of damage of the attack used.
  • Iron Ball, which delivers full damage.

The player's opponent will be chosen by the computer. The goal is to completely deplete your opponent's health bar and knock them out. This is done by hitting the ball with a powerful attack or by making the ball fall to the ground on your opponent's side. However, unblockables do no damage, and will make the ball carry an exclamation mark instead of the damage amount. After a victory, the victorious character will perform one of their win animations.

The Balls[edit]


  • Tekken Ball is unlocked at the same time True Ogre is unlocked.
  • When Tekken Ball is unlocked, the first fight will always be against Gon.
  • If Yoshimitsu's sword comes in contact with the ball, the ball will return to the line that separates your side of the field from your opponent's side of the field. Yoshimitsu will be penalised with a miss, and lose health if the ball is charged just like the ball hitting the ground.
  • Hitting or throwing the opponent does no damage.
  • King's Deadly Boomerang is the most powerful single move to charge the ball with, at 60 points with an Iron Ball.
  • Yoshimitsu's Solar Kick/Shark Attack is the most powerful starting combo possible against the ball, at 80 points with an Iron Ball.
  • The weakest move to charge the ball with is a low left punch (FC+1), at 1 point with a Beach Ball.