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Robert Richards

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Robert "Bob" Richards
Origin United-States.png USA
Voiced By Patrick Seitz (T6-TTT2, SFxTK)
Tsutomu Isobe (SFxTK)
Fighting Style Free Style Karate
Age 27 (T6) ([1])
Blood Type Unknown
Height 196 cm (6' 5")
Weight 155 kg (343 lbs)
Occupation Martial Arts prodigy (T6)
A bounty hunter (SFxTK)
Hobby Maintaining his figure and agility
Likes Being popular
Super Heroes
Dislikes Weight loss


Robert Richards (ロバート·リチャーズ Robāto Richāzu), better known as his nickname "Bob" (ボブ Bobu), (not to be confused with "Bob":, Boy on bike, Hwoarang's nickname), was introduced in Tekken 6 and he returned for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Bob is a renowned martial arts prodigy from the USA. His fighting style is Freestyle Karate. Freestyle Karate originated from America and it is a generic term regarding a system of techniques based on numerous traditional styles of Karate while not following the restricting philosophies of each respective styles.

A once charming and slim fighter, Bob participated in numerous tournaments and was not only beloved by the fans, but also by the spotlight. With immeasurable speed, Bob's only flaw was his lack of power, causing him to suffer greatly when fighting against opponents heavier and larger than himself. Determined to triumph, Bob increased his body mass by fattening himself, but also making sure that he would not lose his speed in the process. Successfully reforming, Bob made a surprise reappearance in a recent martial arts tournament, dubbing himself as "The perfect combination of speed and weight". The crowd, however, did not see eye to eye with Bob, and simply thought of his current appearance as someone who was a shadow of himself. Not to be affected by such rumors, Bob immediately entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament to return to the spotlight, and prove that his combination would be supreme.

A man with great pride in his body, Bob has never heeded any comment in regards to his unsightly appearance, only focusing in maintaining the balance that he created between his power and speed. Following this, Bob is also someone who aspires to help people as much as he can. This has led to various cutscenes depicting Bob fighting, bank robbers and kidnappers, fleeing criminals and various thugs and bullies.

Games in order of appearance:

Other appearances:


Tekken 6[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Bob in Tekken 6 (arcade).
CG art in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken 6 console
Tekken 6 screenshot: Bob VS Bob


His fighting style is Freestyle Karate. Bob has a Mishima style wavedash and Bob can juggle off his d/f+1+2 throw. Bob's moves mainly consists of acrobatic moves such as multiple spinning and alternating combos of punches, kicks and body checks.


Prologue (In-Game-Text)
Bob had always been very serious about his training. He was hailed as a master of martial arts from a very young age, and he garnered many fans with his chiseled body and good looks. However, he could not defeat opponents who were larger than him. He vanished from the martial arts scene and dedicated himself to a special training regimen that increased his power and weight while maintaining his agility.After several years in seclusion, Bob returned to the fighting world a changed man. Those who know Bob were astonished by his transformation. His handsome looks were gone and he gained a disproportionate amount of weight. Bob paid no attention to his critics, and relied on the benefits of his training: speed, power and unyielding weight. He decided that he was ready to return to competition; he joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to test his martial arts abilities once again.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
After winning the tournament, Bob became a sensation. He was shown on television and for magazine interviews. Unaware of this, Bob becomes thinner. He weighs himself, turning out to weigh 150 pounds - he had lost weight without even knowing it. He screams in frustration, bangs his head on the wall, and makes a big hole. Then he is shown lying on the floor.


  • Bob's stance in his CG is similar to Jin Kazama's stance in his Tekken 5 CG.([2]).
  • Bob was shown wearing a third outfit in a video for Tekken 6. It consists of black pants and a blue and white hooded jacket.
  • Some of Bob's animations that are shown before a fight feature Bob saying "It's all or nothing.", "I've been waiting for this day.", "I hope you're ready.", and "Now, let the show begin!". Some of Bob's animations that are shown after winning a fight (win animations) feature Bob saying "I will attain perfection!", "I'm still not there yet.", "Not bad... I'll fight you... anytime.", and "Speed and weight!".
  • Bob's "Item Move" feature in Tekken 6 is releasing some birds from a hat that he wears).
  • In an official Tekken 6 Concept Art book, Bob's full name is revealed to be 'Robert Richards'.
  • In Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Bob can be customized to look like an overweight Super Sentai character and a chef.
  • In the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6, Bob is a boss at the Central District 11th Avenue.
  • Bob's first two opponents in Scenario Campaign's "Arena" mode are Ganryu and Paul Phoenix

Spin-offs and Related Games[edit]

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Bob in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Bob vs Miguel

Bob will be featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


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Story (From Wii U Edition)

Heralded as a master of the martial arts, Bob's chiseled body and handsome face gained him many fans. However, he could not win against larger opponents, so he vanished from the martial arts scene to pursue his regimen of increasing power and weight while maintaining agility. After several years, Bob returned, and those who knew him were shocked and disgusted by his transformation. However, Bob ignored their judgemental looks, and was very proud that he had attained the perfect combination of speed, power, and weight[1].

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

While Bob is walking on the street, he finds a group of thugs hassling small children into giving their money. He then dons a superhero's outfit and appears before the thugs shouting "Speed and Weight!". The thugs, however, don't seem threatened by him and one of them even calls him a traffic sign. Bob, however, saves the children and defeats all four thugs with little effort. Soon he and the children shout "Speed and Weight!", but soon Bob hears a woman crying for help. When he arrives he sees the woman about to fall off from her window. Bob quickly thinks fast and takes a cable from a nearby man. He then ties both ends on two fire hydrants and turning it into a slingshot. Bob (with the help of the children he just helped), soon shoots himself at the direction where the woman is falling and catches her before she lands on the ground. To his shock, however, the frontline of the following day's newspaper shows that his identity as the superhero had already been revealed.


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Tekken Revolution[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Bob is featured as an unlockable character in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution. Alongside JayCee, he was added in the Valentine Campaign update on February 12, 2014 ([3]). As with the rest of the cast, his appearance and moveset are carried over directly from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Special Art/Critical Arts

Giga Jacker: f+1+2.
Zip Cutter: f,F+2.
Spiral Rocky: f,N,d,d/f+2.
Cutting Coppa: f,N,d,d/f+4,1+2.
Spinach Upper: WS+2,1.

Street Fighter X Tekken[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Bob in Street Fighter X Tekken.
Bob vs Ken

Bob will be featured as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


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A man renowned as a bounty hunter who developed his body to immense proportions in order to fight larger opponents. While others vehemently disagree, Bob believes that he now has the "perfect body". He is extremely smug, and is stoic in the face of adversity. Julia, worried that the box may be used for evil purposes, hires Bob to travel with her to the South Pole.

Story (In-Game Text)

A member of a pro-environmental group informs Julia of the box within the fallen meteorite. Worried that the power the box possesses may be used for evil purposes if it fell in the wrong hands, she decides to travel to the Antarctic herself. However, with numerous researchers and agents, not to mention both the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shandaloo pursuing it, going alone would be suicide. Then Julia Sees an unusual man in a local newspaper...

Julia: "Dangerous fugitive apprehended... by famed bounty hunter.""I know that name...".

Bob Richards, the man known across the country as "Bob... The Bounty Hunter with Bling", happily takes on Julia's request.

Bob: So you want me to track down a box? Whatever, a job's a job.

Julia wonders if this man even knows the dangers involved with confronting both the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shandaloo? Despite the uncertainty, she extends a hand in friendship.

Julia: Welcome onboard, Bob!

Rival Battle

As Julia and Bob are walking Rufus spots Bob and shouts that he can't escape him with Zangief trying to tell Rufus that Bob isn't Ken Masters. As the two are arguing Julia wants to leave but Bob is extremely interested on fighting "someone of his own kin"


The two report to the press that a giant light appeared from the box and the discovery was so important that it made headliners for a newspaper. Julia gives Bob the payment, but he politely refuses and says that he was there for the experience. Julia later comments that Bob was actually charming to which he comments "is a start".


  • His title is "The perfect body"
  • His official partner is Julia. Their special intro has her state that they're running out of time, but Bob says to leave it to him and winks at Julia who appears to be amused.
  • Bob and Julia's rivals are Rufus and Zangief.



  • He is the only character in Tekken to not have a canonical character relationship with another character.
  • Rufus of Street Fighter IV resembles Bob as both are obese blond American fighters who move fast for their sizes. Their personalities differ though as Rufus is loud-mouthed, obnoxious and impatient, a contrast to the more calm, serious and focused Bob, whose weight gain was deliberate. Bob can be customized to resemble Rufus. Coincidentally in a trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken, Rufus mistakes Bob for Ken Masters and the two end up brawling in Law's restaurant (jokingly it turned out that the real Ken was just eating with Ryu)
  • The character concept for Bob was derived from the 1989 martial arts film "Qun Long Xi Feng" [or "The Pedicab Driver"].
  • Because some people had found similarities between Bob's moves, as seen in the released images of him, and the moves used by other Tekken characters, some people speculated about Bob possibly being similar to Mokujin, Tetsujin, Unknown, and Combot (mimicking the moves of others). However, his official profile page states that he practices "freestyle karate", and Tekken 6 match videos show that he has an original fighting style.


Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes
It's all or nothing. I will attain perfection!
I've been waiting for this day. I'm still not there yet.
I hope you're ready. Not bad... I'll fight you... anytime.
Now, let the show begin! Speed and weight!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Let's make the good fight.
You look like fun.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-fight Win-quote
Check out the perfect fighter. You have a charming smile. Instead of chainsaws, how about some pretty flowers to compliment it?
Leave this to me… I know you're from a dojo! That's why I challenged you! Isn't that how they roll in Japan!?
It seems you also understand the secret behind weight and speed. Good man. (Vs himself)
As long as guys like you are around, I'll always have work to do...
You say you're looking for someone? That's my specialty! Shall we talk afterwards?
The difference between us was not age, but weight, Heihachi Mishima.
And that's a wrap. Part of being cool is knowing how to accept defeat gracefully. (Vs Hwoarang)
What do you do for dinner? Oil?
If I had to fight me, I would be down in the dumps as well. Completely understandable. (Vs Jin)
That was a pretty good fight, Julia. You're always on the top of your game.
Devil power? Dunno much about that. Doubt it holds a candle to weight power, though. (Vs Kazuya)
A clean ending to another thrilling match! (Vs King)
Bear meat is fresh, and goes excellently with a nice white wine. ...I think I've found my dinner tonight. (Vs Kuma)
Very nice! Don't worry, you'll be a real hero in no time!
Do you have a delivery service? I'd like to put in a few orders as soon as possible...
Nice, victory is mine! Hey, if you're off-duty, wanna go for a few drinks?
Helping lost little kittens find their way home is also part of my job, missy.
A mountain of muscles? Pure nonsense! How is that supposed to help you win?
Power! Speed! And weight! Get those and you'll be perfect!
...Just what have you been eating?!
If we're talking about comedy, you might just become the best in the universe.
I don't have all sorts of fancy-schmancy tricks like you. Just the power of my perfect body.
Punch me all you like... It won't get through my perfect body armor.
You're a precious little flower. Blossom beautifully, for you are the future!
Careful! You could put someone's eye out if you swing that thing around!

Character Relationships[edit]

  • His slim incarnation is Slim Bob.
  • Julia is his official tag team partner in Street Fighter X Tekken. (Non-canon)
  • Was attacked by Street Fighter's Rufus, who mistook him for Ken Masters, in a Street Fighter x Tekken trailer. (Non-canon)


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