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Tekken Revolution

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Tekken Revolution
Tekken Revolution Logo.jpg
Platforms PlayStation 3
Release Date June 11, 2013 (North America)
June 12, 2013 (Japan and Europe)
Arcade System N/A
Genre Fighting
Game modes Single-Player, Multiplayer
Predecessor Tekken Card Tournament
Followed By Tekken Arena
Official site http://tekken-revolution.bngames.net/

Tekken Revolution is a spin-off game of the Tekken series developed and published by Namco Bandai Games. The game is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and is available to download from PlayStation Store. This is the second game in the series (the first Tekken Card Tournament), which is spread by free-to-play[1].

Earlier, on April 14, 2013, the Australian OFLC evaluation committee awarded yet unannounced at the time the game age rating of «M». Also, the site of the classification authority, it was stated that Tekken Revolution is a multi-platform game, but that was not confirmed[2]. The game requires a permanent internet connection, otherwise the game modes will be available.

In it's release the initial cast were Kazuya, Lili, Asuka, Jack-6, Marshall Law, Paul, Alisa, Lars and Bryan. Steve and Leo were later revealed, but only as unlockables. Soon both Jin and Xiaoyu were released later in the month. After that was followed by both Dragunov and Hwoarang. Later Kunimitsu and Devil Jin were introduced into the game. As of now, Eliza and Bob are the latest characters to be announced that will be added to the game[3][4].

A character poll was made on Facebook, asking fans to vote for different characters in order to make an "Original Character" for Tekken Revolution. In first place was the Female Vampire (Eliza), in second was Sexy Tekken Force Member, and in third was Shin Kamiya[5][6][7][8][9]. Also, Heihachi, Jinpachi, Ogre, Mokujin, Tetsujin and Kinjin are all present as boss characters. There has been no word on whether or not they will become available characters however. Characters are continuously updated or added as well as stages at an inconsistent rate.

In November 2013, Harada once again resurfaced the topic of "Ganmi-chan", a female fan of Ganryu, who was among the choices in the poll voting telling fans, that if they retweet her 1000 times, then she would be considered again as a character of Tekken Revolution[10].


In Tekken Revolution had implemented a new method of play, but in general, the gameplay has not changed and is similar to previous games in the series. In a game added two new types of methods: special and critical; each character on four critical receptions and one special. Critical hits inflict more damage than normal attacks and special - give temporary invincibility. Also, unlike other games in the series, it was possible to raise the individual characteristics of the characters.

There were 3 powers introduced that boost stats and increase chances for critical hits.

Power: With this stat, the general attack power for the character's rises

Vigor: This stat increases the chances of landing critical hits

Endurance: This stat increases the character's health

In terms of gameplay the combo system basically disables Tekken 6's Bound system (except when a «bound» move is used to start a combo). In this sense, Tekken Revolution is more similar to Tekken 5's system, another notable change was the revamping of various moves within the character's command list (particularly the moves that bound) changing the hit properties of different moves.

Stages were taken from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


In early release, the game only had 2 modes. The first was online mode, where, at the consumption of coins, Players would battle each other and train with a CPU momentarily prior to the actual fight. The rules for bans in Tekken Revolution are also harsher, as now Rage quitters and hate mail senders would also be receiving bans.

The second was Arcade mode in which players would run through Tekken Tag Tournament 2's sequence with the final boss being either Heihachi or Jinpachi. It was soon updated and Ogre would become the boss, while Mokujin, Tetsujin and Kinjin would occasionally appear or replace Heihachi or Jinpachi. In a similar case to the golden Azazel, encountering and defeating either a golden Ogre or Kinjin, would result in additional rewards.

A new mode was later released called "Mokujin Festival" or "Mokujin Rush" in which it would also run the same format as Survival Battle, trying to score enough wins with a single health bar, but with the opponents being purely Mokujin. The mode, however, was revealed to actually be a limited time event, and Mokujin Rush would later be taken down in a few days since it's release. Another mode was later released in late-2013 called "Turbo Mode" in which characters would move faster and would be able to perform new combos due to the speed increase. Like the Mokujin Rush, this mode was only available for a limited time.

In February 2014, a user called BUTBUTWHYY hacked into the game, giving himself seemingly endless health, where even an all out offense isn't even enough to due to the time limit, and with a ridiculously high attack power, to the point where any attack in general can kill another player in a single hit. This eventually caused Harada to personally state the ban of the BUTBUTWHYY [1]

List of Ranks

  • 1st ~ 3rd Dan - 初段 ~ 三段
  • 4th Dan: Disciple - 高弟
  • 5th Dan: Mentor - 師範代
  • 6th Dan: Master - 免許皆伝
  • 7th Dan: Grand Master - 達人
  • 8th Dan: Brawler - 餓狼
  • 9th Dan: Marauder - 猛虎
  • 10th Dan: Fighter - 獅子
  • 11th Dan: Berserker - 飛龍
  • 12th Dan: Warrior - 剛拳
  • 13th Dan: Avenger - 狂拳
  • 14th Dan: Duelist - 烈拳
  • 15th Dan: Pugilist - 闘拳
  • 16th Dan: Vanquisher - 修羅
  • 17th Dan: Destroyer - 羅刹
  • 18th Dan: Conqueror - 羅漢
  • 19th Dan: Savior - 羅将
  • 20th Dan: Genbu - 玄武
  • 21th Dan: Byakko - 白虎
  • 22th Dan: Seiryu - 青龍
  • 23th Dan: Suzaku - 朱雀
  • 24th Dan: Fujin - 風神
  • 25th Dan: Raijin - 雷神
  • 26th Dan: Yaksa - 鬼神


There are 35 characters in the game currently, eight of which are available from the beginning, twenty one who are unlockable, and six that are non-playable bosses. The developers have stated that more characters will be added in the future, however they did not give a set method on how the characters would be distributed. So far any characters added to the game after it's release have come through a free update/patch, similar to how Jin, Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, and Dragunov were added. Before the 1.2 update, certain characters could only be unlocked by collecting gift points. Players now have the option to purchase any of these specific characters using real currency through the Playstation Store in order to make them playable right away.

  • * Unlockable
  • ** Non-playable boss
  • *** New Character


Multi-tiered Stages


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Video Gallery

Image Gallery


  • This is the first Tekken game since Tekken 3 in which the health bar will fill itself before the fight.
  • This is also the first Tekken game to introduce customizable stats, with Power and Endurance.
  • Tekken Revolution is also the only Tekken game to release "Super" and "Critical" arts.



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