Condor Canyon

Condor Canyon
Condor CanyonTT2.png
BG Music Sunny (TTT2) /
El Condor (Tekken Revolution)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier Yes
Flat Yes

Condor Canyon is a stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution. The stage takes place in a canyon, with many rocks and trees surrounding the fighters as walls. Groundhogs and (obviously) Condors are seen after the balcony effect a fossil can be seen at the back. There is a cave nearby blocked off with breakable rocks. If the balcony break is activated, the players will fight within the cave, showing various skeletons in the area.

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El CondorEdit

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  • Some fans believe this stage has a strange resemblance to Michelle's stage Arizona Desert from Tekken 2.
  • An alien from the Scenario Campaign can be seen in this stage.
  • As the stage is situated in Colombia and as it is situated in the desert it is possible that the designers are inspired by the desert of Guajira.