Abandoned Temple

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Abandoned Temple
BG Music  ??? (First Phase), ??? (Second Phase), Abandoned Temple Final 1st (Akuma's First Phase), Abandoned Temple Final 2nd (Akuma's Second Phase)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Abandoned Temple is a boss stage in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. It is where Akuma is fought in the arcade mode of the game as a secret final boss.

Abandoned Temple takes place by an abandoned Buddhist temple in a rocky location. Outside the arena are torches to light up the place. Many statues can be seen, including two large Nio statues, which are affiliated with Akuma. Fights start at sunset, but once a character is a round away from victory, the sun is replaced by a blood red moon and a dark sky in the background. Unique to this stage is that on the fight's final round (when both characters are one round away from winning), a thunderstorm settles in and replaces the red moon, similar to Dragon's Nest.


  • Abandoned Temple is the first stage to also change upon reaching the final round as opposed to just changing when a character is a round away from victory.
  • Abandoned Temple and Devil's Pit share the highest possible amount of stage-exclusive BGMs, with a possible of four for each stage.