Mishima Dojo

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Mishima Dojo
BG Music Dojo 1st (First Phase), Dojo 2nd (Second Phase)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Mishima Dojo acts as the default stage in Tekken 7 when facing Heihachi or Jin as a sub boss in the game's arcade mode. Like Hall Of Judgement, this stage contains multiple gods, demons or immortals related to Buddhist culture. Interestingly enough, if one looks closely at the stage's floorboard, an Ai-Ai Gasa can be found, containing the names of both Heihachi and Kazumi. The dojo seem to be located somewhere in the vicinity of Kyoto, Japan. In Fated Retribution, a portion of the stage has been destroyed, and the moon and sky are now exposed.


  • Jin will always be encountered here during special battles of Treasure Battle.