Twilight Conflict

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Twilight Conflict
BG Music The Day Before the Glass Matrix 1st (First Phase), The Day Before the Glass Matrix 2nd (Second Phase without Lars), VREDE (Second Phase with Lars)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier Yes
Flat Yes

Twilight Conflict is a stage in Tekken 7 that seems to take place in America as there are signs in the lower floor holding the interstate sigil. The fight initially takes place in what appears to be a small park square, with ruined buildings and a bridge seen in the background. While fighting, it is also possible to see a helicopter monitoring and circling the fight. The square also contains ruined vases and pay telescopes. When the balcony break is activated, the characters will land on the road below, with construction workers or relief workers cheering on the fight. The walls for this phase are the barricades closing off the road and fallen chunks of buildings and signs crushing cars.


  • Due to the stage's nature and lighting, it bears many resemblances to Street Fighter X Tekken's version of Urban War Zone
  • There is a truck in the lower floor that is written with "Mishima Pizza".
  • If Lars participates in the fight, then there will be a different theme that will be played instead of the standard one in the second phase, which was performed by the Swedish band BatAAr.
  • There is a Tekken Force member located on the upper floor.