Riverside Promenade

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Riverside Promenade
BG Music Reflexion (TTT2) /
Françoise's Bassline (Tekken Revolution)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier Yes
Flat No

Riverside Promenade is a stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution. This stage is set in France on the riverside promenade (as its name suggests). The weather appears to be bleak, cloudy and it appears to have been raining. The area is also multi-tiered and barricaded off with a handful of onlookers. Several large buildings can be seen in the background. The stage is in Paris because the Eiffel Tower can be seen from the lower level while nearby on the higher level is a statue of Joseph Joffre, a well known French general who fought in the first World War.

Background Music (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)[edit]


Background Music (Tekken Revolution)[edit]

Françoise's Bassline[edit]

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