Fallen Garden

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Fallen Garden
Fallen GardenTT2.png
BG Music What You Will See -Hell-
Walls No
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Fallen Garden is the last stage of the Arcade mode and is where the player will fight Unknown, whom Jun Kazama has morphed into. The garden in general is now nothing more than a shadow of it's counterpart, Heavenly Garden. The clear water once present on the ground has now turned into purple goo. Also all the lotuses, flowers and trees once present in the area have now rotted and wilted significantly. The sky has also changed it's color into a dark and ominous black as well as dark clouds being present in the area

Background Music[edit]


  • Giant hands and thorns can be summoned out of the mud / water by Unknown and used to attack the player similar to Azazel.