BG Music Uninhabited
Walls Yes
Multi Tier No
Flat No

Mall is a stage in Tekken 4. As the stage's name suggests, the fight takes place inside of a shopping mall during daytime. There is a pool in font of the "Aqua Garden" store and small stairs leading up to it with rails.

Background MusicEdit


  • The opponent can be smashed into the rails on the stair to add extra damage.
  • This is possibly the Building stage during the day stage since the roof is made out of the same glass.
  • The background music is similar to stage one of the "Military Compound" in the Tekken Force mini game.
  • The console version of the stage BGM is arranged differently from the arcade version of the stage BGM. Currently, there is no way to listen to the original arcade version of the stage BGM.
  • The stage was originally intended to have escalators at one point as seen in a Pre-Release Trailer. It is unknown as to why they were removed from the final build.