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BG Music Utmost Limits (TTT2) /
Fear to agonize (Tekken Revolution)
Walls No
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Naraku is a boss stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution. After defeating Heihachi and Jinpachi in Hall Of Judgement, the player falls into this stage, where they will then fight against True Ogre. The stage is very dark and gloomy, littered with skulls. Dark blue or violet torches can be seen in the distance.

Background Music (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)[edit]

Utmost Limits[edit]

Background Music (Tekken Revolution)[edit]

Fear to agonize[edit]


  • The stage's background is so dark that it's practically invisible in homage to how True Ogre's participation in fights during Tekken 3 and Tag Tournament usually changes the stage's animation