Sakura Schoolyard

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Sakura Schoolyard
Sakura Schoolyard - TTT2.png
BG Music School -After School Mix- (TTT2) /
High School (Tekken Revolution)
Walls No
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Sakura Schoolyard is a stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution. The stage is a remake of Tekken Tag Tournament's School. Once again, it is set in the schoolyard of Mishima Polytechnical High School. Like it's previous counter part many students sporting the Mishima Polytechnic uniform are seen cheering in the fight, also present is the golden statue of Heihachi Mishima.

Background Music (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)[edit]

School -After School Mix-[edit]

Background Music (Tekken Revolution)[edit]

High School[edit]


  • The stage's BGM (in TTT2) is a remix of its Tekken Tag Tournament counterpart.
  • Panda can be seen in the stage eating bamboo