Moai Excavation

Moai Excavation
BG Music The Big One ~Corpse Kicker\~Quiet Strings Mix (TTT2) /
No Easy Way Out (Tekken Revolution)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier Yes
Flat Yes

Moai Excavation is a stage featured in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution. It is a DLC stage in TTT2 and normal stage in Tekken Revolution set in Chile on a bright sunny day. As the stage's name suggests, there are several moais on hills surrounding the fight. The actual fight takes place on an excavation site in the hills, where the floor can be broken leading to the lower levels. [1]

After you break through the floor, it is revealed that the Tiki sculpture has Devil markings on it's chest, identical to those on Devil Jin.

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The Big One ~Corpse Kicker Mix\~Quiet Strings MixEdit

Background Music (Tekken Revolution)Edit

No Easy Way OutEdit

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