Arctic Dream

Arctic Dream
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Stage 6.jpg
BG Music Sadistic Xmas (TTT2) /
wHITe (Tekken Revolution)
Walls No
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Arctic Dream is a stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution. The stage is set at night time in a snowy stretch of land. It is also Christmas time, as men dressed up as Santa, Christmas lights and decorated fir trees can be seen in the distance. Reindeer and snowmen are also present. The 'Aurora Borealis' can also be seen in the sky, hinting that the stage is located in a polar region. It's revealed that stage takes place in Finnish Lapland. Area shares some resemble to 'Santa Claus village' in Rovaniemi, Finland

Background Music (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)Edit

Sadistic XmasEdit

Background Music (Tekken Revolution)Edit