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Hon-Maru - T4.jpg
BG Music The Inner Shrine
Walls Yes
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Hon-Maru is the sacred place where Heihachi Mishima trapped Jin Kazama and lured Kazuya Mishima to in Tekken 4. Hon-Maru appears to be constructed entirely of wood since the floor creaks whenever a character moves. There are also many lanterns illuminating the area that are held by golden Hindu statues.

Background Music[edit]


  • This stage is included in the Tekken 4 side-game Tekken Force where Heihachi Mishima is the boss. After beating him in this mode, the stage is unlocked.
  • When Jin breaks free of his chains, he fights and defeats both Kazuya and Heihachi. Shortly after Jin leaves in his devil form, Hon-Maru is attacked by Jack-4 robots. Kazuya and Heihachi team up and fight together, but Kazuya eventually throws Heihachi to the Jacks and flies away as Devil. One Jack self-destructs, almost killing Heihachi.
  • In Tekken 5, it was revealed that Jinpachi Mishima was imprisoned somewhere beneath Hon-Maru.
  • There is a stage in Tekken 5 that is presumably a partially destroyed Hon-Maru, after the explosion caused by the Jack-4 robots in the prologue.