Brimstone & Fire

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Brimstone & Fire
BG Music BRIMSTONE & FIRE 1st (1st Phase), BRIMSTONE & FIRE (2nd Phase)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier No
Flat Yes

Brimstone & Fire is a stage exclusive to the home versions of Tekken 7. Originally first appearing in the opening of the game's arcade version, Brimstone & Fire is nearly identical to Precipice of Fate with regards to stage layout, being an octagonal open rock clearing in a mountainous region with rock walls as the stage's boundaries.

In contrast to that stage, Brimstone & Fire has a volcanic theme with active volcanic eruptions with molten rock and falling volcanic debris seen in the background, making the stage much closer to Devil's Pit aesthetically than Precipice of Fate, despite that both stages share overall similarities to Devil's Pit.