Tekken Resolute

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Platforms Mobile (Java)
Release Date J2ME (Java mobiles)
  • US September 17, 2010
Arcade System N/A
Genre Fighting
Game modes Single-player
Predecessor Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Followed By Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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Throw down with Tekken Resolute by Namco! Intense graphics and animation highlight this new entry to the hit franchise! Bring the pain with crushing combos against eight iconic fighters! Enter the King of the Iron Fist Tournament in Arcade Mode, discover the motivations of your fighter in Story Mode and battle through enemy-filled stages in Tekken Force Mode! Bow to the King of the Iron Fist! (Developers' Description)





Tekken Force: Unlocked After Beating Arcade Mode Once

Custom: Unlocked After Beating Story Mode Once




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  • All Characters are locked at the beginning except for Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu
  • Ling Xiaoyu is on the Main Menu Screen
  • Each Character has seven costumes (1 Classic and 6 Custom)
  • Earn gold by finishing Arcade, Story or Tekken Force Mode
  • Each character starts with 2 costumes unlocked and 5 costumes you have to buy
  • Each costume is the same except for the colors
  • Each character has 3 locked costumes
  • There is a Highscores menu that keeps track of high scores for Arcade, Story, Tekken Force and Character Ranking.
  • The Help menu has Rules, Game Modes, Controls and About sections
  • The Options menu consist of Sound: music or off, Rounds: 1,2,3,4,or 5, Time:30,45,60,or INF, Difficulty: Easy,Normal or Hard, and Erase Data
  • For your high score to be saved, you must complete all stages in the mode your playing.
  • This is the first Tekken game to not feature Heihachi Mishima.