Abyss Gate

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Abyss Gate is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode. Steve Fox is fought here. Clearing this stage and defeating Steve will unlock him in Scenario Campaign and Arena mode. The first part of this stage is located in a dark alley. The second part is located inside a basement where Steve is found.

Alisa's Journal[edit]

"Beneath the floor of the building, we uncovered a mass of people. For a brief period, we were pulled into the fray, but succeeded in exiting to safety. The man named Steven, participating in the match, was apparently a champion of the sport known as Boxing. However, he has had to temporarily suspend his events, due to the war. We must put an end to this war before more innocents are affected."


  • If the difficulty is set to hard, you can unlock Kigan Island. To do that, you must break the crate on your left. A man wearing a hat will appear. Defeat him and Kigan Island will be unlocked.
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