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Origin Mishima Heavy Industries
Voiced By None
Fighting Style Unknown
Age 0
Blood Type Diesel and gas
Height Unknown
Weight 82 tonnes
Occupation To protect the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama.
Hobby Unknown
Likes Jin Kazama
Dislikes Jack-6, Raven, Lars and Alisa


NANCY-MI847J (usually shortened to just "NANCY") is a bonus boss in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. It appears in the "Arcade" mode at Stage 7 under the title "Extra Round".

The "MI" stands for "Mishima Industries", "847" is its model number, and "J" stands for Japan. When questioned about the significance of the number, it was revealed to be the number of people connected to their network ([1]). According to the Tekken 6 art book, Nancy Dietrich was the director of designing the MI series of robots. She and several others were killed in an attack by Jack-4's during Tekken 5. The robot's name was taken after this director.

It's official name is: Mishima Heavy Industries "BLOODY NANCY" Type 847 Japan.

NANCY-MI847J is a giant robot that has a huge amount of health. The player advances to the sub-boss fight with Jin Kazama whether they win or lose while fighting it, however, losing does not yield any bonus. It isn't able to block any attacks, but it can attack while it is getting hit. It cannot be juggled too. NANCY-MI847J cannot be stunned, grappled, knocked into the air, or knocked down, due to its size. However, if it receives too much damage, it will momentarily shut down and start smoking. NANCY-MI847J is an optional playable bonus character in the Scenario Campaign mode at the "Millennium Tower" stage.

Its regular attacks consist in using things such as missiles, machine guns, and lasers. It also has the ability to extend its neck and use a laser to cut a circle into the floor, making that part of the floor disappear. If the opponent is standing in this circle as it disappears, they will fall through the hole and lose instantly. This can only be avoided by sidestepping or sidewalking. These holes eventually restore themselves as battle progresses. It can also spin its body around, hitting its opponent with its spinning arms, similar to the "Tornado Cutter" (SS+1+2) move that Prototype Jack had in Tekken Tag Tournament, although with better range. It also has some "stomp" moves.

After NANCY-MI847J is defeated, it will start malfunctioning, and small explosions will start appearing on its body. Shortly afterwards, it will shut down and move no more. After this, the player's character will perform one of their win animations.

A fight against NANCY-MI847J is only one round, regardless of setting, and it can't be defeated simply by letting the time expire. If that happens (regardless of whether your health bar is more or less than NANCY-MI847J's), you will automatically lose. The stage that NANCY-MI847J is fought at appears to be a new stage that is the lift ride up to Jin's stage. The bonus for defeating it is a monetary one, which depends on the amount of health and time you have left when you defeat it, with the maximum amount being 1000G in the arcade versions. The reward for defeating NANCY-MI847J in the home console versions is a maximum of 50,000 G. NANCY-MI847J, like Azazel, does not have an official Tekken 6 CG art image.

Currently, NANCY-MI847J is one of the robots to be featured in the Tekken series, the others being the Jack robots, Combot, and Alisa Bosconovitch.

She can be made a playable character on the PSP Version of Tekken 6 by use of cheats. She is a playable character in Scenario Campaign at the Millennium Tower Stage.


Tekken 6

Gallery - Outfit

Tekken 6 (PSP) screenshot: Nancy VS Nancy


NANCY-MI847J is unplayable by conventional methods, but she is an optional playable bonus character in the Scenario Campaign mode at the "Millennium Tower" stage.


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  • Due to her enourmous size, NANCY-MI847J cannot be juggled and nor be thrown. However, she does have the highest life gauge in the entire Tekken series.

Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Gallery - Outfit

NANCY-MI847J, as depicted on a Tekken Card


Character Trivia

  • Various models of this unit were seen in Street Fighter x Tekken implying that Jin may have mass produced this unit.

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