Heihachi's Right Kick Reversal

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Heihachi's Right Kick Reversal
Command See text
Damage 45 (manual reversal)
55 (auto reversal)
Hit Range none
Properties KND
Move Frames Hit Advantage
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Block Advantage CH Advantage
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Heihachi's Right Kick Reversal is a secret move for Heihachi Mishima in Tekken 3 and in part Tekken Tag Tournament. While having the same name and animation, Heihachi has in fact two different Right Kick Reversals, the auto-reversal and the manual reversal. Both will be explained later on.

Conditions and notes[edit]

  • This reversal should be considered as the counter attack of a counter attack of an attack, meaning that it only "activates" if Heihachi initiates an attack and is counter attacked by the opponent's kick kick.
  • The manual reversal only works against standing, high, right roundhouse kicks, while the auto-reversal works against all high, right kicks and some jumping and mid right kicks.
  • Heihachi takes 25-30 damage on the manual reversal (and inflicts 45), but 45-50 damage on the auto-reversal (and inflicts 55).
  • Heihachi must have one foot on the ground during his attack animation, so any attack that makes him jump is out of the question for the reversal to work.


The auto-reversal, called Charging Hard, is part of Heihachi's unblockable attack, Lightning Hammer. It is active from the move starts and approximately until his hand reaches below his head. This reappeared in Tekken Tag Tournament and then never again.

Manual reversal[edit]

The manual reversal is a bit more tricky and can be done in two ways, but the principle remains the same. It is essentially done by having a direction pressed when Heihachi gets counter attacked with a standing high right kick. Any direction can be pressed, except b and d/b. If you press the direction after you started you attack, or if you simply never let go of the last direction you pressed (except b and d/b of course), the effect will remain the same against a standing high right kick; it will be reversed.

E.g if doing a Rising Uppercut (f,N,d,d/f+2), simply hold d/f until the move is complete. This reversal dissappeared in later games, but evolved into Heaven's Wrath, a mix of the manual and auto reversals.