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If you are unfamiliar with this type of setup, read the legend first.

Hwoarang/Tekken Tag Tournament Movelist is a list of all the moves that Hwoarang can perform in Tekken Tag Tournament


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Pickpocket 1+3 Front 30 1
Falcon Dice Kick 2+4 Front 30 2
Bring It On 1+3(or 2+4) Left 45 1
Dead-End 1+3(or 2+4) Right 44 2
Slaughterhouse 1+3(or 2+4) Behind 55 None
Reverse Throw 1+3(or 2+4) Back towards enemy1 30 1
Door Mat d,d/b,B+3 Front 40 1
Leg Hook Throw d,D/B+1+3 Front 30 1
Roll and Choke f,F+2 Front 30 2
Human Cannonball f+2+3 Front 30 1+2

1 Literally, back must be turned to opponent


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Motion switch (to Right Stance) 3+4 Left Stance 0 None
Migraine 1,1 Left Stance 5,8 hh
Double Jab to Low Kick 1,1,3 Left Stance 5,8,10 hhl
Home Surgery 1,1,3,3 Left Stance 5,8,10,18 hhlh
One Two Punch 1,2 Left Stance 5,10 hh
Rejector 1,2,3 Left Stance 5,10,16 hhm
Rejection 1,2,4 Left Stance 5,10,37 hhh KND
Backhand b+2 Left Stance 12 h
Rusty Knife f+2 Left Stance 15 m
Middle Back Blow to Left Stance F+2 Left Stance 15 m
Body Blow d/f+1+2 Left Stance 10 m
Right Flamingo Feint f,N,4 Left Stance 0 None
Hot Feet 4,4,4,4 Left Stance 14,10,10,20 hhhm KND, #1
Right Kicks to Left Stance 4,4 Left Stance 14,10 hh #1
Hard Rocker 4,F+4 Left Stance 14,20 hm #1
Right Kick Combo to Right Flamingo 4,4,4 Left Stance 14,10,10 hhh #1
Right Kick Combo to Left Stance 4,4,B+4 Left Stance 14,10,10 hhh #1
Da Bomb 4,4,F+4 Left Stance 14,10,25 hhh #1
Blizzard Kicks 4,4,4,3 Left Stance 14,10,10,10 hhhl #1
Rude Boy 4,F+3 Left Stance 14,17 hm #1
Axe Murderer 4,3 Left Stance 14,20 hm #1
Doggie Lift f+4 Left Stance 20 h
Grand Theft f+4,4 Left Stance 20,15 hm
Fire Cracker d+4,4 Left Stance 7,22 lh JG
Nose Bleeder b+4 Left Stance 28 h
Crippler d/b+4 Left Stance 10 L MSc
Feint Heel Drop d/b+4,4 Left Stance 30 GB
Torpedo Kick f,F+4 Left Stance 30 h MS
Left Flamingo Feint F+3,N Left Stance 0 None
Cheap Shot Snap Kick f+3,3 Left Stance 22 m KNDc
Flying Eagle 3,4 Left Stance 15,28 mm KND
Smash Low Right High d+3,4 Left Stance 12,13 Smh
Public Enemy d/f+3,4 Left Stance 17,21 mm
Hunting Hawk u/f+3,4,3 Left Stance 15,11,12 mmh KND,BS,#2
Jump Kick u+3 Left Stance 20 h KND
Ripoff f,F+3 Left Stance 30 m
Tsunami Kick WS+4,4 Left Stance 13,15 mM
Sky Rocket f,N,d,D/F+4 Left Stance 23 m JG
Machinegun Kicks 3,3,3,3 Left Stance 15,12,10,25 hmmh JG
Left Kicks to Right Hook Kick 3,3,4 Left Stance 15,12,20 hmh
Left Kicks to Right Middle Kick 3,3,4,4 Left Stance 15,12,20,15 hmhm
Left Kick Combo to Right Hook Kick 3,3,3,4 Left Stance 15,12,10,20 hmmh
Total Outrage 3,3,3,4,4 Left Stance 15,12,10,20,15 hmmhm
Left Kick Combo Low 3,3,d+3 Left Stance 15,12,7 hhl
Left Kick Combo Low to Right Hook Kick 3,3,d+3,4 Left Stance 15,12,7,13 hmlh
Menace to Society 3,3,d+3,4,4 Left Stance 15,12,7,13,15 hmlhm
Disrespect1 1+2 Left Stance 0 None
From 1Disrespect 1+2 Left Stance 0 None
From 1Plasma Blade 4 Left Stance 25 h KND
Supercharger 1+2+3+4 Left Stance 0 None
Motion Switch 3+4 Right Stance 0 None
Migraine 1,1 Right Stance 10,12 hh
Big Fists 2,1,1 Right Stance 6,10,12 hhm
Right Reverse Kick Combo 2,4,4 Right Stance 6,15,27 hhh KND
Right PK Combo 2,3 Right Stance 6,25 hh
Right Jab Spin Kick 2,b+4 Right Stance 6,32 hh KND
Right Reverse Kick 4,4 Right Stance 15,27 hh KND
Chainsaw Kick 4,3 Right Stance 15,20 hM KND
Misdemeanor b+4 Right Stance 32 h KND
Right Side Kick d/f+4 Right Stance 12 h
Right Flamingo Feint F+4,N Right Stance 20 h
Grand Theft f+4,4 Right Stance 20 m JG
Screw Kick f,F+4,3 Right Stance 18,20 mh KND,GB
Teaser 3,3 Right Stance 15,40 lh KND
Backlash 3,4 Right Stance 54 #3 h KND,GB
Nose Bleeder b+3 Right Stance 28 h
Cheap Shot f+3 Right Stance 18 h
Cheap Shot to Disrespect f+3,B Right Stance 18 h
Cheap Shot Low Spin f+3,4 Right Stance 18,20 hl
Ripoff f,F+3 Right Stance 25 h KND,GB
Disrespect2 1+2 Right Stance 0 None
From 2Disrespect 1+2 Right Stance 0 None
From 2Plasma Blade 1+2 Right Stance 25 h KND
Trick Jab 1 Left Flamingo 7 h
Right Bachand 2 Left Flamingo 12 m
Step Kick 4 Left Flamingo 28 h KND
Cutter Left d/b+4 Left Flamingo 15 L KND,BS
Cutter Left d/b+3 Left Flamingo 12 l
Snap Kick f+3 Left Flamingo 18 m
Snap Spin Kick b+3 Left Flamingo 32 h KND
Rocket Launcher 3,3,3 Left Flamingo 12,10,25 mmh JG
Flamingo Kick Combo to Right Hook Kick 3,3,4 Left Flamingo 12,10,20 mmh
Cannon Kicks 3,3,4,4 Left Flamingo 12,10,20,15 mmhm
Left Flamingo Step-in f Left Flamingo 0 None
Left Flamingo Back Dash b Left Flamingo 0 None
Left Flamingo Sidestep to Back u Left Flamingo 0 None
Left Flamingo Sidestep to Front d Left Flamingo 0 None
Right Heel Lance b+4 Left Flamingo 21 m JG
Flamingo Side Kick Combo 3,4 Left Flamingo 12,21 mm
Right Punch 2 Right Flamingo 7 h
Left Punch 1 Right Flamingo 12 m
Step Kick 3 Right Flamingo 25 h KND
Cutter-Right d/b+4 Right Flamingo 13 l
Cutter-Left d/b+3 Right Flamingo 15 L BS
Snap Kick b+4 Right Flamingo 32 h KND
Right Kick 4 Right Flamingo 20 m
Right Flamingo Step-in f Right Flamingo 0 None
Right Flamingo Back Dash b Right Flamingo 0 None
Right Flamingo Sidestep to Back u Right Flamingo 0 None
Right Flamingo Sidestep to Front d Right Flamingo 0 None
Left Heel Lance b+3 Right Flamingo 21 m JG

#1First hit is a minor stun on counter hit

#2Third hit cannot be executed without a successful second hit

#3If it is not clean, move will do 36 damage

String Hits[edit]

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
2,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,31 10 12,7,10,7,7,8,7,10,16,21 mhhlmmlhmh
1,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,32 10 12,7,10,7,7,8,7,10,16,21 mhhlmmlhmh

1From Left Flamingo Stance


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Dynamite Heel d/b+3+4 Left Stance(or Right Stance) 40 [!] KND
Power Blast 1+4 Left Flamingo 80  ! KND

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