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If you are unfamiliar with this type of setup, read the legend first.

Lee Chaolan/Tekken 5 Movelist is a list of all the moves that Lee Chaolan can perform in Tekken 5.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Forearm Drop 1+3(or f+1+3) Front 35 1
Axle Throw 2+4(or f+2+4) Front 35 2
Lee Harassment 1+3(or 2+4) Left 40 1
Lee Stunner 1+3(or 2+4) Right 38 2
Face Crusher 1+3(or 2+4) Behind 60 None
Knee Drive f,F+3+4 Front 40 1+2
Scatter Kick Throw 3 Front 34 None
Mist Trap Throw b+3~3:4 Front 38 None


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Left Right Combo 1,2 5,10 hh
Left Right Combo to Revolution Zwei 1,2,2,3 [~4] 5,10,14,23 hhmh KND,#5
Left Right Mid Kick 1,2,4 [~3] 5,10,10 hhm #5
Left Right Max Mid 1,2,4o [~3+4] 5,10,22 hhm MS,KSc,#5
Left Right Combo to Mist Step 1,2,f,N 5,10 hh
Right Cross to Revolution Zwei 2,2,3 [~4] 10,14,23 hmh KND,#5
Hammer Kick Combo 3,3 14,15 hm KNDc
Spinning Hammer Kick 4,3,3 16,12,15 hhm KNDc
Spin Kick Somersault Combo 4,3,4 16,12,25 hhm KND
Machinegun Kicks 4~4~4 16,6,? hhh KNDc
Lee Somersault 4,u+3 16,35 hm KND
Pirouette Punch 1+2 21 m MS,KNDc
Hitman1 3+4 0 None
From 1Freaker Jab 1 Hitman 15 h
From 1Freaker Jab Rush 1,1,1,1,... Hitman 15,12,?,?,... hhhh...
From 1Striker Kick 1~4 Hitman 21 m KND
From 1Scatter Blow 2 Hitman 23 m JG
From 1Scatter Kick 3 Hitman 21 h #1
From 1Shin Slicer 4 Hitman 22 L KND,BS
From 1Mist Illusion 1+2 Hitman 0 None #2
From 1Silver Slash u/f+3 Hitman 30 m KND
Revolution Zwei f+2,3 [~4] 14,23 hm KND,#5
Acid Storm f+3,3,3,3,3,4 [~3] 4,4,6,8,10,14 mmhhhh KND,#5
Silver Whip f+4 13 h
Mist Step2 f,N 0 None
From 2Sway b,N 0 None
Shredder Kick Combo High f,N,3,4,4 20,10,12 mmh JG,KND
Shredder Kick Combo Mid f,N,3,4,f+4 20,10,7 mmm JG,KND
Shredder Kick Combo Low f,N,3,4,d+4 20,10,? mmL JG,KND
Lee Left Middle Kick d/f+3 18 m MS
Front Kick d/f+4 15 m
Silver Low d+3 14 L
Shin to Head Kick d+4,N,4 7,16 lh
Shin to Spinning Hammer Kick d+4,N,4,3,3 7,16,12,15 lhhm KNDc
Shin to Spin Kick Somersault Combo d+4,N,4,3,4 7,16,12,25 lhhm KND
Laser Edge Machine Gun Kick d+4,N,4,4,4 7,16,6,? lhhh
Laser Edge Lee Somersault d+4,N,4,u+3 7,16,30 lhm KND
Laser Edge Kick Combo D+4,4,4,4 [~3] 7,8,5,21 lllm KND #3,#5
Bump Kick d/b+3 16 L
Triple Fang (b+1,1,2_b+1:1,2) (8,8,15_12,11,15) hmh #4
Triple Fang to Hitman (b+1,1,3+4_b+1:1,3+4) (8,8_12,11) hm
Triple Fang to Mist Step (b+1,1,f,N_b+1:1,f,N) (8_12) h
Mist Kick b+3 18 m
Mist Wolf Combination b+3,3 18,18 mh
Trick Kick b+3~3 18 h
Silver Heel b+4 [~3] 22 m BNc,#5
Quick Silver Sting u/f+3 20 h KND,GB
Silver Arrow u/f+4 15 m JG
Silver Sting u/f+3+4 30 m KND
Pulse Blast f,F+3 28 m KND
Deadly Edge f,F+4 22 h CSc,
Lee Cutter b,B+4 [~3] 23 h KND,#5
Blazing Kick d,d/b,4 22 m JG
Lee Sliding f,f,N,3+4 15 L KND
Back Handspring to Hitman b,b,N,3+4 0 None
Infinite Kick Chain 1 WS+3,3,D+3,3,3... 10,17,8,10,10... mmlmm...
Infinite Kick Chain 23 WS+3,3,D/F+3,3,3,... 10,17,10,10,10... mmmmm...
From 3Low Variation D+3,3... 10,10... lm...
From 3High Variation U+3,3... 15,10 hm...
Silver Tail FC+d/f+4 18 L MSc
Fake FC+U/F+3 0 None
Catapult Kick Low FC+u/f+4(or FC+u+4) 25 m JG
Catapult Kick High FC+U/F+4(or FC+U+4) 28 m KND
Catapult Drop FC+U/F+3+4(or FC+U+3+4) 30 M KND
Sliding FC+d/f,d,D/F+3 17 L KND
Rear Cross Punch SS+2 17 h
Right Cross to Mist Step SS+2,f,N 17 h
Lee Screw Left SSR+3 [~4] 35 h KND,#5
Lee Screw Right SSL+4 [~3] 30 h KND,#5
Mist Illusion b+1+2 0 None #2
  1. When hit is not clean, the attack has no throw property, does 21 damage, and is at a High range
  2. Timed with enemy attack, the move acts as a parry that gives the user a chance to attack the opponent while their back is turned. Otherwise, the move can be considered a taunt
  3. User must hold Down at least until the second kick
  4. Depending on when the second punch is inputted, the properties will change. Inputting the second punch immediately results in no special properties - while delaying the second punch results in a KND property and more frame advantage if the opponent blocks all hits. Also, damage is increased for delaying input
  5. Pressing the optional command (which will be [~3],[~4], or [~3+4] depending on the move) will chain the attack/combo into the Hitman Stance

String Hits[edit]

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,3 10 10,5,6,5,7,6,7,7,10,25 mhmhhlhhhm


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Silver Cyclone d+3+4 80 (!) KND
Death Touch d/b+1+2(u,u to cancel) 10,70  !! KND
Shin to Silver Cyclone d+4:3+4 7,80 l(!) KND

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