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If you are unfamiliar with this type of setup, read the legend first.

Paul Phoenix/Tekken 5 Movelist is a list of all of the moves that Paul Phoenix can perform in Tekken 5.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Over the Shoulder (1+3_F+1+3) Front 35 1
Shoulder Pop (2+4_F+2+4) Front 35 2
Push away f,f+1+2 Front 40 1+2
Twist and Shout d/f+1+2 Front 40 1+2
Foot Launch b+1+4 Front 40 1
Chest Crusher 2+4~B Front 40 2
Ultimate Tackle1 FC+1+2 Front 5 Tackles
From 1Ultimate Punches 2,1,2,(2,1_1,2) 5,5,5,5,5 Tackles
From 1Ultimate Punches 1,2,1,(1,2_2,1) 5,5,5,5,5 Tackles
From 1Cross Arm Lock 1+2 25 Tackles
From 1Ultimate Punches-Cross Arm Lock (2,1,2_1,2,1),1+2 5,5,5,25 Tackles
From 1Ultimate Punishment 2,D+1,1,N,4,1,1+2 5,8,8,35 Tackles
Dragon Screw [F+](1+3_2+4) Left 45 1
Fall Away [F+](1+3_2+4) Right 40 2
Piggy Back Throw [F+](1+3_2+4) Behind 50 None
Attack Reversal b+(1+3_2+4) Front Varies None


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Left,right Combo 1,2 5,12 hh
Reverse PDK Combo 1,4 5,8 hL
Jab Roundhouse 2,3 12,21 hh KND
Jab Sweep 2,D,3 12,11 hl
Quick PK Combo f+2,3 12,20 hh KND
Wrecking Ball b+2 22 m CF,KND
Hammer of the Gods f+1+2 27 m KS,SLD,OC
Shoulder Smash d+1+2 30 m GB,KND
Sweep Kick d/b+3 RC 12 L
The Boot d/f+4 23 m MS,FS
Shredder u/f+3,4 17,22 mm JG
Neutron Bomb f,f+4 RC 20 GB
Flash Elbow f,f+2 15 m MS
Bulldozer f,f+2,2 TBA mL JG
Juggernaut f,f+2,1 15,18 mm KND
Phoenix Bone Breaker f,f+2:1 15,26 mh GB,KND
Double Hop Kick High f,f+3,4,4 15,20,25 mmh JG,GB
Triple Kick Combo f,f+3,4,f+4 15,20,15 mmm JG
Double Hop Kick Low f,f+3,4,(d_d/b)+4 RC 15,20,15 mmL JG
Down Srike d+2 21 L #1
Bone Breaker d+4,2 RC[1] 10,18 lm PLD[1],KND
TBA d+4:2 RC[1] 10,21 lm #2,GB,PLD[1],MS
TBA d+4:2,1+2 RC[1] 10,21,25 lmm #2,PLD[1],GB,MS,KND
TBA d+4:2:1+2 RC[1] 10,21,30 lmm #2,PLD[1],GB,MS,KND
Hammer Punch1 d+1 15 M RC,OC
From 1Hammer Punch to Power Punch 2 26 m KND
From 1Hang Over 4,2 RC[1] 15,21 lm PLD[1],KND
Thruster qcf+1 21 h FSc,JG
Phoenix Smasher qcf+2 49 m SLD,KND,#3
Riptide (FC,d/f_qcf)+1+2 21 L JG
Shoulder Tackle f+1+4 22 m KND,SLD
Burning Spear b,f+1 30 h KND
Sway1 qcb SWY
From 1Rubber Band Attack N,2 20 m GB,MS,KNDc
From 1God Hammer Punch N,1 15 m BN
From 1Sway to Low Kick N,3 14 L
From 1Rapid Fire N,3<2 14,21 Lm
From 1Rapid Fire to Stone Breaker N,3<2<2 14,21,21 LmL JG
From 1 Rapid Fire to Phoenix Smasher N,3<2<1 14,21,25 Lmm KND
Thunder Palm WS+2 20 m JG
Pumpin' Pedal SS+3 15 L MS
Turn Thruster SS+1 23 h GB,KND
1Jaw Breaker (FC,d/f_D/F)+2 20 m
From 1Stone Breaker 2 21 L JG
From 1Gut Buster 1 30 m KND,#4
Incomplete Somersault FC,u+2+3+4  ?  ? #5

#1 Only works on grounded opponent.
#2 MS only occurs if opponent is not tripped.
#3 If hit is not clean damage is 33.
#4 Delaying input reduces damage by 5.
#5 Paul is Ki Charged when his fists are raised.

String Hits[edit]

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1 10 5,12,7,6,7,8,5,8,10,24 hhmmlmhmLm
1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1 10 5,12,7,5,7,4,5,7,8,30 hhmhmhhlmm
1,2,3,1,2 5 5,12,7,6,30 hhmmm


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Burning Fist b+1+2 100  ! KND

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