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This page should be renamed[edit]

The correct spelling has a 'G' in it; Angkor Wat. See link

Wikipedia isn't the best reliable source. I renamed the page to "Ankor Wat" because I read that the temple [Ankor Wat] and the city [Angkor] are spelled differently in the native Cambodian language. It was in an atlas if you want to question that. Even if that part isn't true, I've also seen it spelled both ways. --Youri
I've seen it both ways as well, but only without the 'G' in old outdated texts. The most relevant fact would be its spelling in Tekken which does indeed have the 'G'.
It's been moved in favor of its name in Tekken. The title of the page though, I will change to its appropriate name; just something minor. Same goes for the Venice and Szechan. They both, like Ankor Watt, have different spellings in their native languages and I believe that should be noted. --Youri
They should be spelled like it's spelled in the game, even if it contains improper spelling. I think there should be some consistency in naming those stages. Asukaz 11:40, 6 August 2011 (PDT)
It's done and over with, so the picture wasn't needed. Kind of a jerk move there. --Youri
Well, sorry I didn't mean to be a jerk here I was just confused a little as I see like 3 versions of the name here :). Asukaz 14:20, 6 August 2011 (PDT)