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Youri Kamachii
Sex Female
Origin United States [Virginia -> Maryland]
Age 18 [since July 25]
Has Played Tekken Since Tekken 3 [PSX]
Favorite Tekken Tekken Tag Tournament and Dark Resurrection
Least Favorite Tekken Tekken 4
Favorite Female Character Julia Chang
Favorite Male Character Lei Wulong / King II

About Me[edit]

YouriKamachii - Thank you spirits!
TALK - 21 July 2010 (UTC)
今日は! [Konnichi-wa! / Hello]

I've been a female gamer officially since I was 5 years old, and Tekken 3, along with Soul Calibur, Sonic & Knuckles, and Street Fighter Alpha 2, were the first major games I have played.

I have a mixed background of race and culture [I'm not Japanese like people assume, though I do speak and know the language well enough]. I'm shy when you first meet me, but I'm an eccentric and nice person if you get to know me after a while.

Besides English and Japanese, I also know Spanish and Italian, though I don't use these two as much as English and Japanese.

The Mod Job[edit]

Since the admin was nice enough to promote me recently, I do look out for spammers and naughty users. Though I try to be considerate, I do block users who cause trouble for the site USUALLY with a warning first hand. However, I immediately block a spammer when I see one. Unless someone is a spammer, I always give second chances.

NOTE: If you think I'm doing ANYTHING wrong with uploading images, editing information, messing up pages, etc, please tell me first! I really don't want to get in trouble and start major problems for the site. Everyone makes mistakes, even mods such as myself. I also may seem mean at times, but I'm not and do things for a reason if you get the drift.


Social E-mail Address / MSN: [email protected]

AIM: KiaChan804 [I only log in the instant messages during weekends or when I can]

Site I'm active on: DeviantART

PSN: lianmizu [Again, I only get on during weekends or when I can and please messge me first before adding me]

What I TRY to do[edit]

Mostly, I'll try to do major edits for the Outfits and Stages pages. I'm not the absolute best with description, so feel free to edit on top of my stuff. What I mainly do is add pictures and/or videos to better explain what's on the page.

I'll also try to add in-game pictures and source them. When I don't source the picture, it means that I used Windows Movie Maker or something else to capture that photo from a Tekken video [like the Prologues/Epilogues in Tekken 4 and 5]. Either way, I will add a description to the image to clear that up. I ALWAYS make the images I submit as high in quality as possible if I can.

I'll also do [not so] minor edits on the characters, installments, and category [mostly stubs] pages.

Tekken Stuff[edit]

First Tekken Games: Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament [I played them both around the same time, though I recognize Tekken 3 more]

Favorite Characters: Julia Chang, Michelle Chang, Jun Kazama, Unknown [though she's annoying to fight], Lei Wulong, King II, Armor King I, King I, Lili, Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Lee Chaolan, Craig Marduk [I find him funny and I like Aussies], Sergei Dragunov, Leo, Bob [Don't dis the big guys], Miguel, and Zafina.

Other Characters I Like: Raven, Kuma I / Kuma II, Mokujin, Asuka Kazama [Used to be a favorite, but she's too popular], Baek Doo San, Nina Williams, Bruce Irvin, Bryan Fury [I just like him no matter what], Steve Fox [Though ALL of his endings are depressing], Wang Jinrei, Jinpachi Mishima [minus fighting him], Heihachi Mishima [I actually like him now because he hates Jin and Kazuya like me], Dr. Boskonovitch, Marshall Law, Angel [She was Kazuya's good side], and Jack-6 [he's not a spammer from what I've seen].

Characters I Dislike/Hate [Please no bashing for my opinions]: Paul Phoenix [Overpowered RETARD], Kazuya Mishima [Especially post Tekken 2], Jin Kazama [don't get me started on him...], Ling Xiaoyu [Annoying on SO many levels and a Chun-Li copier], Anna Williams [though I'm good with her and I just like Nina more since she's not a show-off], Hwoarang [Pairing him with Julia makes NO sense and his Tae kwon do is kind of off], Dr. Abel, Lars Alexandersson [Do we REALLY need another Mishima], Alisa Boskonovitch [Barely has a purpose in Tekken; why add a pink-haired cyborg when we already have Bryan and the JACKs], and Feng Wei [He's REALLY boring in my opinion AND lacks emotion]

[I do respect other opinions about these characters, so don't be afraid to say you like my hated list around me]

Characters That Are in the Middle: Roger / Roger Jr., Alex, Panda, Jack (series) [except Jack-6], Miharu Hirano, Ganryu [he needs more personality than just chasing after the Changs and being a sumou fighter], Eddy Gordo / Christie Monteiro [Their gameplay is what makes me not care], Forrest Law [VERY annoying to fight in Tag], Armor King II [I was really hoping he'd be King I], and Ogre / True Ogre [Seriously, he wiped out some of the GOOD Tekken 2 characters].

My Honest Opinion of the Tekken Series[edit]

  • The Mishima/Kazama families have too much spotlight [along with certain other characters]. It's been more than 6 games [counting DR and BR] since Jin alone got his spotlight. Kazuya...well he served one game fooling us all. Other IMPORTANT people like Lee and Wang deserve much more spotlight.
  • One of the Mishimas should die in Tekken 7 [I'd say Kazuya since there's NO hope for him developing as a character] instead of awesome Baek and Wang.
  • Tekken 6 WOULD'VE been MUCH better if they hadn't added BR's storyline and characters [Lars and Alisa] to it.
  • Tekken 4 should not be considered as part of "Tekken" similar to the live action film. Though it had the characters, it lacked too much. The only good things that came out of it was Lee / Violet's story, SOME outfit designs, and it told Tekken 5 what it shouldn't be. The music [somewhat], graphics, almost complete change in gameplay, voice acting, and a lot were terrible in my opinion and didn't seem much like a Tekken game.
  • I like Jin in the recent live action movie; one of the few good things in the movie in my opinion. Reason being that he was more rebellious and somewhat caring like in Tekken 3 rather than the selfish way he acts in the newer games.
  • I hope Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the other side games aren't as disappointing like Tekken 6 BR. They should focus more on making characters act like THEMSELVES again and their endings [making sense or at least make them like the pre-Tekken 4 ones] than customizations unlike Soul Calibur IV. And please no cheap boss.
  • I miss the Tekken 5 narrator and the interludes!!
  • Either give Feng Wei ACTUAL emotion/personality or just scrap him for a more important character like Unknown. Seriously, I'm not the only person thinking that.
  • Everyone should get NEW outfits and the story should have another major time jump, but short like 5 to 10 years at most.
  • JULIA either should be on an official game cover or get her own stage for Tag 2. Am I the only one who sees that she's being down-graded from game to game? Example [Only girl NOT featured from DR]
  • Stop making so many side games Namco: Quality over Quanity!
  • I'm REALLY hoping that mysterious girl is Julia or Michelle like people believe. Julia so she can have a deeper friendship/relationship with the Kings or Michelle just to appear in the game with a new design.
  • My Tekken visions are coming true if that's Julia! Minus the team-up with Armor King II of course, but I'm sure she has a plan up that sleev-- feather.

To Do List[edit]

  • Finish Dark Resurrection stage pages
  • Fix up Tekken 5 stage pages
  • Do screen captures for the original Tekken, the original Tag Tournament, and Tag Tournament 2.
  • Fix outfit pages for the un-noticed characters
  • Add original storyline to Tekken (2010 Film) page
  • Translate Devil Jin article for Teriko [Won't happen until I have full-time access to a PC/laptop]
  • Add more geographical information to the Tekken and Tekken 2 stage pages
  • Fix up *cringe* Tekken 4 stage pages
  • Other stuff people suggest :/

My Recent Uploads[edit]