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YouriKamachii - Thank you spirits!
TALK - 8 April 2010 (UTC)
Hello out there? Anyone? T-T

Hi, welcome to the site and thanks for your edits! Samuel 07:44, 27 June 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the welcoming. And I love to help out as much as I can. --YouriKamachii


Tekken-EX - Close your eyes, make a wish that this could last forever...
TALK - 06:57, 21 July 2010 (UTC)
I noticed that when you type your talk bubble you tend to type the whole talk bubble template. Please make a template page for your own talk bubble since it will be easier for you and everyone trying to read your messages. If you don't understand what I mean, look at how I type mine. :)

Thanks for bringing that up. I created my own talk bubble [as you can see above] after reading that. And again, thanks for helping out with the stages. -- Youri

You're welcome. ^_^ --Tekken-EX 09:56, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Devil Jin Japanese prologue translation[edit]

Hay my name is Teriko, and I read your profile and I understand that you know japanese. I was wondering if you could help me translate Devil Jin Japanese Prologue, its been a confusion and debate discussion on the Devil Gene discussion page, I'm not sure if your interested in reading it but its a big discussion. The section is call Devil is refered to as the Devil Gene/Devil is a life form. Here's the link to the pages, the discussion is in two parts Talk:Devil_Gene/Archive I and Talk:Devil_Gene/Archive II going to the middle of the discussion we start to argue about japanese tranlations about Kazuya Mishima Tekken 4 ending and Devil Jin Japanese translation. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think. User: Teriko

I rather help out with the comic first before I translate because though I understand it, translating sentences to English is my weakness in Japanese. Plus I'll need to dig up my Kanji dictionary. What exactly do you want me to find/prove in the Devil Jin article?


Like Teriko I've promoted your account to administrator to help combat some of the spam on the Tekkenpedia. Please don't abuse your admin powers, you know, by using them for evil or something ;) Samuel 04:09, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

I'm honored. Thanks for the promotion!

In reply to your message[edit]

Yes, please. :D --Tekken-EX 22:22, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

Yo it's Paul[edit]

Yo! My name's Paul im the new guy fell free to comment on my talk page. Paul 20:40 7 September 2010 (UTC)

Hi, sorry for editing so much I won't do it again and I will mark my edit's as minor from now on. Paul 11:59 10 October 2010 (UTC)

Oh no, I don't mean mark EVERY edit as minor, just after you edit the same page for a while. Like Kazume Mishima's page. I think you editted that at least 5 times in a row a few days ago. I would just mark it minor after my second or third time editing. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings yesterday [if you read the note on my user page] and I'm sure even the admin's glad you're helping out the site. I hope I cleared things up from yesterday. -- Youri

It's all cool.

"Kazume" Mishima[edit]

KazamaBoy - What's happening?
TALK - 23:18 4 November 2010
Mr Harada said it is Kazumi Mishima not Kazume is it possible to change the page name?

Yep. I moved it. Thanks for bringing it up. But for future reference, there's a Move tab on every page like the Discussion tab.

Ok thanks and you're welcome.


I so want her to be in Tekken X Street Fighter. Angie Y. 03:41, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

  • Me too! I want to see her and Elena (with more clothes) again. It's funny how Capcom and Namco only hold back their female characters in games. Anyway, it'd be awesome to see Karin and others in the Tekken graphics and the somewhat new controls.

Blocking Users[edit]

Can you ease off on the length of time you're blocking users? You blocked an IP for one year due to inserting false information. People share IP addresses online and blocking an IP for that length of time could possibly impact other users of the site. About a day or so should be long enough. Samuel 10:25, 29 November 2010 (UTC) Ah. I'll keep that in mind for now on. Should I use a month for blocking spammers who I've warned and they continue to do it? When I first blocked users, it was because of their excessive spamming.


Thanks for blocking the user who was vandalising my page.

No problem.

Tekken 2 Manual[edit]

I uploaded the Tekken 2 manual onto the Tekken 2 page if you want to check likes / dislikes. Samuel 22:33, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

Ah yes,I saw that just yesterday too. How do you cite the source on the character's page BTW?

Kazuya said he likes Jun[edit]

You just reverted an edit i made about th likes and of Kazuya. I am not talking about who is right and who is wrong but Kazuya told in his own words that he found her mysterious and fearless

I know they were attracted to each other enough to have a one-night stand, but other than that, they are very much opposite in personality. I too want them to like each other in order to balance each other out, but we have to put our own opinions aside when editting character pages. The whole reason why I'm undoing the likes is because I believe the site should be unbiased as possible. Saying they are attracted to each other is enough, but not liking. If you're aiming to change my opinion, I'm already on the side that wants their relationship to be more than a one-night side, but I'm also trying to be unbiased. The character pages state facts, not fan opinions. That's what the Talk pages are for I believe. So I'm still undoing edits related to their relationship until a canon Tekken game or the admin states otherwise.
Oh sorry!What does "drawn to each other" exactly mean? I thought it meant that they liked each other
From the Japanese version, they were "drawn to each other by a mysterious force". My point was though is that people can be attracted to one another, but still not like them. For all we know, Jun and Kazuya had a casual only relationship, but I don't see Jun as the casual type. It's still safer to just say they were attracted to each other for now though. Since Jun IS returning after all, Tag 2 or any future canon game might answer the questions regarding their relationship in the past and maybe the present.


Hey. Sorry this is my first attempt at editing a wiki. I'm not sure of the protocol. I've been following Tekkenpedia for a while and have been hoping to make some changes. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to help. I understand why you reverted my changes, though I honestly think what I was doing was a big improvement and I suspect a lot of people would agree. The layout you have at the moment is an eye sore. Is the layout open for discussion?

I'm not in charge of the layout...But even if I were, I'd still leave it the way the previous mods left it since I think they worked hard to start off this site [and I kind of don't like big changes]. Also, the order of appearances is better than listing canon then non-canon games/movies in my opinion at least. I understand your view too, but you should just change minor things for now like I did when I did early edits. The overload of pictures was the sort of biggest eyesore to me, so I changed that on the pages that basically had the most pictures and so on. So your help is still appreciated from me, but I think you should just change minor things for now. *smiley face* Sorry to make you feel disappointed.
Well can you tell me who is in charge of layouts so I can message them a proposal for a new layout? I can have it finished for every character in a day. I understand that some people don't like big changes but you cannot improve without them. I know the original people worked hard on it but the site has been going for 5 years and it cannot stay the same forever. Canon is importmant. The majority of tekken fans are not interested what happened in the anime or live action movies so it should be segregated from the main games. The same can be said for the spin-offs, the majority of Tekken fans have not played Namco X Capcom and are not interested in it. It makes reading characters histories very difficult to decipher. I know I'm new but I just thought I could dive right in. Thanks for you responses.--Skikes 01:03, 12 March 2011 (UTC)
Here is a suggestion. --Hecko 05:40, 14 March 2011 (UTC)


I checked the recent changes page. Where the HECK are all these hackers coming from? O_o --Tekken-EX 07:55, 21 March 2011 (UTC)
P.S. I feel sorry that you have to block most of them by yourself. Don't worry, I'm back. ...Maybe. lol

Yep, people have been spamming this site for about 2 weeks now. Sam's trying to change the requirements of being a new user, but if he did change it, it's not working well. And it's not much of a problem, I just need help with blocking spammers while I'm at school...and when I sleep of course [just woke up]. Thanks for your help!
I think I'd be able to help you while you're at school and while you're asleep. We're in two different time zones, anyway. --Tekken-EX 11:49, 21 March 2011 (UTC)
I don't think it's a person or even people doing this... --Tekken-EX 07:50, 26 March 2011 (UTC)
I'm so sorry I was busy for the past two days. But anyway, that can be believable, but how can we combat this? I have a suggestion but it's risky and probably will only work for a few months. Another thing is we probably have to tell every user editing this site to be very cautious on their computers and not get a single virus or erase temporary files almost every day. This is very nerve wrecking, I see even Sam's getting angered. I hope this problem goes away soon.
Well, if your solution will only work for a few months, we can try it and the hacker may eventually get bored and give up. --Tekken-EX 10:06, 27 March 2011 (UTC)

"BIG MESS"[edit]

Hey YouriKamachii. Could you please have a look at the changes you undid for the "Tekken X Street Fighter" page. In the features section I removed all references to what characters will appear in the game as it is repeated again in the characters section. Which characters appear in the game is NOT a "feature". There is nothing to suggest there is a Tag feature in TXSF, that is SFXT. There has been no mention of what features will appear in the TXSF. Just because a character/feature is appearing in SFXT does not mean that it will appear in TXSF. I was attempting to make sure there was a clear distinction between the two games. A wiki should present only the facts and not random speculation. I'm redoing my edits and if you have issue with it please feel free to block me permanently. I'm really only trying to help the site look more professional.

Please check what we (YouriKamchii and I) wrote on your talk page. --Tekken-EX 05:05, 28 March 2011 (UTC)

Just a request[edit]

Hey I am thinking I should start learning Japanese and I have come across this site. It provides lessons, dictionaries and the basic words to help start. Could you just take a look at it and say weather I should use this site or refer to a book. And sorry if this was a waste of your time. [1] Kash

Oh no worries about my time. If you are going to learn Japanese though, I do recommend you learn from a person instead of books / the internet first. Epecially learning how to write Hiragana and the basic pronounciations. I've "studied" Japanese since I was 11, but I didn't seriously learn how to use Japanese well until high school when I took a class. So I do recommend learning from a person first when it comes to basics. Hope this helps you in your Japanese journey!
Oh Thanks a lot. I do know a few people who speak Japanese. I'll ask them for some help.


Poster - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg
Kash - Nobody is perfect. I'm a nobody.
TALK - 20:02, 8 April 2011 (UTC)
I just saw the recent news about you on your user page. You said that you will try your best to edit. I wanted to say that you pay more attention on your work now. I am not saying not to edit but when you say trying my best it seems like you are too addicted to this site or something. I apologise if I am thinking wrong.
Oh no. I meant as in when school work is done. I obviously have to put education first and all. I only said that because my mid-terms were that week and it'd be really hard for me to visit. So for example if the admin wanted me to look out for more spam, I wouldn't be able to right away. I actually haven't edited once since Sunday I believe. How's learning Japanese going for you by the way?
Ah sorry I took it in the wrong way. Well I am doing good with the pronunciations but I need practice when it comes to writing. I am learning Katakana right now.I will start with Hiragana after this.--Kashmutt 07:14, 9 April 2011 (UTC)

Namco Page[edit]

Samuel just said to remove the Namco page for now. Do you mind doing it? By the way, how to delete pages?

I took care of the page. And to delete pages, there is a tab like the edit and discussion tabs called delete. The rest should be self-explanitory unless delete is only an option for mods.
Maybe it is only for mods, since I cannot find the delete tab on any page. Oh and thanks!! xD --Kash, 02:25, 4 May 2011 (UTC)
No probs! *thumbs up*

Re:Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stages[edit]

Gameplay videos and Tekken Zaibatsu. You can trust me, I'm a mod here. :) -TekkenMishimaForce 16:21, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

I'm aware that you're mod, I was just curious about the stage names. XP

Cool. Well, as I said, TZ and gameplay videos. I see you're a mod too. I haven't been on Tekeknpedia in years, there's a lot more mods. --TekkenMishimaForce 08:42, 30 May 2011 (UTC)

Actually, I believe there are only 3 new mods counting me unless I missed something before a lot of members left. You didn't miss too much besides our heavy spam months [there's been more than one time]. I hope more mods like you come back. I miss the Tekkenpedia from years ago.

Japanese Version[edit]

Hey, I'm about to setup the Japanese version of the site. They way I'm thinking of doing it is cloning the wiki as it is now but adding a new infobox to the top of each page in the Japanese version that says something like "Welcome to the Japanese version of the Tekkenpedia, please help with translating this page."

I'll also need a translation for the security question "What is the last name of Jin K_zama?" with the answer being written in English or Japanese. Does this sound like something you could handle? Would you be interested in being the sysop on the site, maintaining the news, character of the month etc?

Wow. I can help with everything you said, but I can't be a Sysop with a lot suddenly happening in my life. Maybe after I settle down in college, but not right now. Anyways, "What is Jin's surname" can be "名字で仁は?" or "みょうじでじんは?" in Hiragana. "Welcome to Japanese Tekkenpedia" can be "鉄拳ペディア日本語版へようこそ" or "てっけんペディアにほんごばんへようこそ" in Hiragana. I suggest you also ask Hecko for help with the Japanese wiki. I can see his translations are accurate as well. That is if he's willing to help for that time being. I've also spread the word of help needed on the Japanese Tekkenpedia on my recent Facebook account. Sorry I took so long to respond, it took me a while to get on the site and to paste all the kana onto the page.
No problem, that gives me enough to get it moving. You can actually see it here: Tekkenpedia Japanese. At the moment just the interface is translated but this should help with the rest of it. Samuel 23:17, 6 June 2011 (PDT)
Is this answer to the Jin question "Kazama" in English or would it be written in Japanese? Also, are you able to translate the following template for me? Template:NeedTranslation. I'm going to copy that over to the Japanese site once it's ready. The category that it adds might also need to be translated. Samuel 02:43, 7 June 2011 (PDT)
Sorry, with four part-time jobs and going back to school by the end of this month, I don't have time to take on such a large scale project (which is also why my updates here are so sporadic). I wish you all luck though. --Hecko 03:00, 7 June 2011 (PDT)
Oh, well good luck with college and life to you as well Hecko-san. As for the answer being just "Kazama", it could be 風間 (Kanji) or かざま (Hiragana). "Jin Kazama" can be 風間仁 (Kanji) or かざまじん (Hiragana). Hope this also helps. I finally got the chance to see the Japanese Tekkenpedia. It looks well developed so far. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I can help with at least completing the main page. I've noticed though that the Talk Bubbles aren't working for the Japanese site. Also, if I may ask, how does the links work? As in would you still have the English page name like Tekken or will the titles be moved / renamed as their Japanese counterparts like 鉄拳? Might be a silly question, but still...
Not too sure on the links, I think I'll try and let the community decide. With the question, It's so I can stop spammers from adding stuff to the site. I need a question and answer that's easy for someone that's played Tekken to get but hard for spammers / bots. If I ask:

"名字で仁は?" or "みょうじでじんは?

will people answer with


Is that right?

Do you think you could do the translation on this page here: Just replace the content on the page? This gives me enough to get started. Samuel 20:56, 7 June 2011 (PDT)
Talk bubbles don't work on the Japanese version of the site, because templates haven't been carried over yet. Also, with a Japanese language website, links should be in Japanese as well. Anything else would just be odd. --Hecko 06:16, 10 June 2011 (PDT)


If you have any additional reasons for wanting the alter-ego of JayCee to be the image representing her in her infobox, could you please present them? I noticed when reverting my last attempt to change the image back that you didn't leave an edit summary. :/ - Deadlyslashsword 13:43, 25 June 2011 (PDT)

Why do you want to leave her picture as is? Like I said, Harada intentionally confirmed Julia's identity before the game even came out. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is coming out after Street Fighter X Tekken, so that would be the most recent picture. Besides, your claim about people not reading news is weak. Not only can you read the article anywhere since this IS the internet, but more than one article concerning with Julia's identity is linked on Julia's very character page. PLUS, clicking on JayCee's link redirects a person to Julia's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 section, so if they were to scroll up, I'm sure they would like a recent picture of Julia/JayCee; they are the same after all. Let me give you an example of when your undoing a recent picture is valid. If King II's unmasked identity were be revealed in let's say Tekken 7 and Harada didn't confirm that BEFORE the game release, but I for example might put his unmasked picture up, THEN you undoing that recent picture is justified. But when Harada confirmed this before a release and JayCee was already guessed to be Julia by a large number of Tekken fans [heck even my friends who didn't play Tekken saw that they were nearly the same], you undoing that picture isn't quite fair. Yeah I get that some people would rather see Julia's traditional look [including me], but Tekkenpedia provides others with up-to-date Tekken news and media. I'm willing to take this "argument" further if you must. I'd like to hear your reasons as well since there IS always at least two sides to every thing.
My major concern isn't in thinking that Harada's confirmation isn't valid. On the contrary, I believe we should, as you said, stay up to date with new and pertinent information regarding the series. My concern is that I don't think that this certain piece of information is being applied here in the best way we could cover it.
My argument about people not reading the news is not weak. As with any series, there are hardcore fans like us who hinge on every new piece of information, and then there are those casual fans like my brother who own the games, enjoy them, but aren't as big as fans as we might be. Those types of players, (and believe me, they are a sizable demographic; we are in the minority) do not stay up to date on the latest news. If one of those players wanted to look something up today about say, Julia, and haven't been keeping up on the news, here they would discover a piece of information they may not have wanted to find out (a quick Google check of "Julia Chang" confirms that this site is the first result and therefore the site most often checked out; studies of Google prove that the first result is most often the first result clicked). The power of spoilers is immense. Imagine their surprise when the first image they see is not of Julia, but rather a luchadora whom they've never laid eyes on before. Of course, not all of these casual gamers would be automatically turned off by discovering this, but I digress. This is only half of my argument.
The other major reason why I don't think that image should be used is because it really isn't Julia. Okay, technically, yes, I understand that the person in the costume is Julia Chang. However, that luchadora does not go by the name of Julia in the only game where she has that appearance. She is given the name of JayCee, and that is to distinguish herself from Julia, who in the story is purposefully going out of her way to make sure she's not recognized as such. The most important resource for this that we have is the game itself. Even though the game isn't canon within the series, the info that comes out of it is still valid. That info states that the luchadora isn't named Julia in-game, she's named Jaycee, or at least when she has her mask on. Harada confirmed this too, don't forget. The issue of differing names trumps the issue that they are technically the same person. Whereas in the game she is given two different names for two different identities, the game doesn't outrightly state that the two are the same, instead leaving it up to the player to notice similarities between the two. Now, because when you take off her mask in the game her name in-game changes to Julia, then I would be okay with using an image of JayCee without her mask for the infobox, because in the game, JayCee without her mask is given the name Julia. But, because the image you are using has the mask, that character should be considered JayCee and not be used.
Now, this isn't to say that I don't think we shouldn't cover this at all; we should. I don't know if you guys have a Manual of Style or not, I just think that having JayCee redirect to Julia is too big of a giveaway in my honest opinion, and having that image in the infobox will confuse causal players. If the image of the masked JayCee render was moved to the TTT2 section, I would be okay with that even. Despite our need to cover the most up to date information, I don't believe it's a rule that should be implemented in every facet of the site that we can find; it should be a case by case basis. Even though I too would prefer the image of classic Julia in the infobox, the fact remains that in that appearance she's not using an alter ego, she's not masquerading as anyone else; she's just herself. I apologize for my massive wall of text, and I'll stop here on this thought: Shouldn't we make things as simple as possible for our readership to understand? - Deadlyslashsword 21:27, 26 June 2011 (PDT)
Alright, let's make a compromise since this is obviously going to go on forever and it'll disturb the site's flow and consistency with us constantly undoing each other's edits. How about I use Julia's Street Fighter X Tekken image in the infobox when I can actually upload it? That way it's still close to up-to-date, but it also consists of Julia Chang's traditional appearance for these "casual players" to not dwell on. Of course if I'm doing this for Julia's page, since I'd like to be as consistent as possible, I would like to do this for every character page. Plus it wouldn't look as out of place since only around 10 characters have [and mostly it's the popular characters to my disdain] actual CG Art Images for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. That way other not-so-popular characters, that I like, for example Marduk will have an up-to-date image. Someone on deviantART was so nice enough to give me a German site with nice images for Street Fighter X Tekken characters and I wanted to make use of that anyway. I'm still going to upload the images when I can, but whether we use them as the character's main infobox image is up to this compromise and your response to it. It depends on you~
Consistency, consistency, consistency. If a majority of the modern roster have renders for SFxT, then use them by all means. Even if there isn't a majority, still use them as the infoboxes if the rest of the characters will use their TTT2 render.
Also, not to split hairs, but I haven't reverted the image for a few days now. You'll notice I came here to start a discussion instead of reverting again the most recent time, since, y'know, that's what responsible editors do. - Deadlyslashsword 20:37, 27 June 2011 (PDT)

Lee's edits[edit]

Sorry guess I misunderstood why you reverted my edits the first time. I thought you just did it so you could merge Lee and Violet. Why are those edits getting reverted? Those character relationships are completely fabricated. Also could you take a look at my character relationship suggestion in Tekken Movie 2010 talk page. I would be more than happy to split every character page relationship section in to canon and non canon myself.--Skikes 21:17, 2 August 2011 (PDT)

For now, I suggest you leave the relationships the way they are minus the 2010 live action movie since, in my opinion, shouldn't be referenced at at as it is not truly Tekken. And I can believe the relationships between him, Law, Paul, and Wang to an extent. I have asked the admin to print out the actual manuals from each game so we can see what's made up and what's not. So I guess we really can't decide what's real and what isn't until we see the manuals.
So I can go ahead and begin removing movie only relationships? I have the European manuals and they make no reference to this. There has never been any reference to this. I have no idea why someone would just make that up. It's so strange why people just add whatever pops in to their head. You can not just add relationships because they are believable there has to be some official reference to it. I get so frustrated when I visit tekkenpedia. I'm willing to put in a lot of work because I love Tekken and want to help improve the pages but I'm just continually shot down.
OK, well the Paul/Law/Wang relationships can go, but the family relations should stay since removing from Lee's page would effect the big Character Relationship page in general. Also if you could, could you upload those manuals? I'm sure the admin would appreciate it and I'll let him know if you are willing to. Your fight against false information and repetitiveness is greatly appreciated from me. I'm sure it frustrates some people, but it will eventually help this site to be more unique and whatnot [if you understand what I'm talking about].
That's great, thanks. I'd love to help with the manuals but unfortunately I don't own a scanner. I was in contact with the admin a few months back when I was discussing a new layout for the character pages. I began working on getting better quality VS screenshots (ex NinaVSNina) and more uniform character portraits. I lost contact with him but I've still got them if you can help me. As far as wiki editing goes, I only know the very basics but I really do want contribute around here. I just want to make they pages look more streamlined, presentable and factual. I really feel like that's what is missing. If you get a chance have a look at my user page. I've set up with how I think the character pages should look using Yoshimitsu as an example, it's a work in progress. Let me know what you think.

Anna Edits[edit]

I just wanted to ask you to please not revert my edits on Anna's page without at least giving me a chance to explain. There is certain things I'm still working out. For example I've uploaded quite low res character portraits for Anna from about Tekken 5 onward. These will be replaced with higher res pictures with the same aspect ratio when the page is complete. At the moment I'm trying to portray the general concept of how I think the character pages should look. It's not finished yet but I think everyone will agree it's already lookking sleeker.

From what I've seen, it's actually pretty cool. I usually undo your major edits because you alter / take away character information YOU deem not true or worthy, but today isn't the case. I'll write on your talk page of what I think about your "suggestion" layout though since it'll be a long commentary and you do want feedback.
Ha that's great. Good to hear. I know I come off a little arrogant when I delete story information but I just have zero tolerance for information that has absolutely no grounds in fact. I couldn't be more familiar with the canon if I tried. I've been playing tekken since the original and have read over every manual again and again so when I see things like "Lee trained with Law" or "Jun and Kazuya were married" I just can't help myself lol. Anyway I'm still tweeking my userpage at the moment, I really want to put a bigger emphasis on gameplay and tone down the story elements. Do we need a description of every ending when we have a video of it right there? Do people even care or read it? The majority of Tekken gamers don't care about the story and are just interested in the gameplay( I'm not one of those people, I love the story and suck at the gameplay}. Obviously not take it away completely but I think a manual or prologue and epilogue text is sufficient with maybe slight elaboration. I honestly just want the site to attract more visitors and I think this will help.
Just tell me when you're done with editing your page so I can give my opinion. From what I see now, I have a bit more cons than pros with your design. But hopefully you have a better design in mind; we'll just see I guess.
OK well I've done a little more but the layout now is pretty much what I had in mind. All that is left to do is upload various images and resize some to the appropriate aspect ratio. It's still not finished but I would like your input, I'm not doing this to please myself I want something everyone will enjoy and agree on so if you could share some of your cons and give me some advice that would be really great. Thanks again.