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Hecko X
Origin Denmark
Age July 23, 1987
Personal Website
Has played Tekken since Tekken 2 (for the PSX)
Favorite Tekken Tekken 5
Favorite character Mokujin
Tekken Championships DK Championship in T5
Noteable Victories 1
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Notable Victories in detail[edit]

1: Beat Denmarks PSX and PS2 Tekken champion today (11/17-07) in an event where random people could challenge him. This was the first time he ever lost during an event, according to himself and the arrangers. We played T5:DR on PSP (he blamed his loss one the PSP d-pad, but I was using one too...), he chose Asuka Kazama, I chose Bryan Fury, I won first and second round. And all I got was a freakin' t-shirt. I mean... they had PS3s the we gonna give away randomly later on, why couldn't that be my prize?


Purpose on the Tekkenpedia[edit]

Seeing that I have no interest in actively seeking out news on unreleased games, my job here is mainly maintenance, i.e. correcting wrongful edits when I spot them, fix templates, etc., and move pages yeeeeeeah, with tons of DUUUUUUUR anon edits that are so obviously wrong that you want to hit yourself in the head with a shovel, I simply cannot be bothered with this any longer. I'm sticking to move pages only, character pages are dead to me, have someone else correct them.

I have two webpages that I use as sources: SunlightYellow (Japanese site) and the TekkenZaibatsu (English site). I use SY as my main source, and TZ only for frame data and move properties.

Because I use a Japanese site as my main, I may sometimes slip up when writing the hit range of moves, so here's how to decode it:

n should be m
s should be l
u should be h

The reasoning behind the madness is that while reading Japanese, I sometimes accidentally stick with the Japanese words for mid, low, and high, which are 'naka', 'shita', and 'ue', respectively. So if you ever catch me doing that, please correct it for me.

Character Usage[edit]

Character Tekken Scenario
Mokujin/Combot Any When playing against people who do not play Tekken regularly
Paul Phoenix Tekken 3 When playing against a Pakistani Tekken 3 Champ I know, who uses Paul
Bryan Fury Tekken 5 If my shoulder is in pain and my arm numbing and I'm not allowed to use shoulder buttons to compensate. Also for tournaments, if I'm in a pinch.
Asuka Kazama Tekken 5 As above
Yoshimitsu Any If I want to annoy people by winning the last round with f,F+1+4.
Jin Kazama Tekken 3 If I'm playing on a computer keyboard and need a relative safe win
Heihachi Mishima Tekken 3 Same as above (gotta love that mid-hitting WGF)
Random Any Generally when I don't care about who I get (which is often). An alternative to Mokujin/Combot.

"First to 3000"-matches[edit]

Jack-5 vs Kuma Jin Kazama vs Kazuya Mishima
Ling Xiaoyu vs Asuka Kazama Bryan Fury vs Yoshimitsu

To-Do list[edit]

  • Create a header for juggle notations.
  • Figure out a setup for juggle notations.
  • Figure out what the Hell I should could call the secret T3 Heihachi move I just found by coincidence.
  • Find out what happens when you get reach fight 1001 in Survival Mode in T3.
  • Finish that God-forsaken Char. relations flash.
  • No friggin idea. Add suggestions on talk page.