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Kash Mutt
Origin India
Voiced By Kash Mutt
Fighting Style Hyper Attacks
Age 16
Blood Type O
Height 5 ft 4
Weight 48 KG
Occupation Student
Hobby Gaming(especially Tekken)
Likes Jin Kazama, Lars Alexanderson, Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Heihachi Mishima Lee Chaolan, Jinpachi Mishima(in human form) and Hwoarang
Dislikes Deception, Evil


Origin- India

Age- 16

Occupation- Student

Has Played Tekken since- Tekken

Favorite Tekken(s)-

Favorite Characters- Jin, Lars and Kazuya

Other likeable characters (not in order)-

Characters I don't like- I do not dislike any characters. The only thing I dislike would be character behavior like the way Anna shows off or how Heihachi laughs.

My opinion on the Tekken storyline[edit]

I got this idea from Paul.

My theories about the loopholes[edit]

These are my theories about the loopholes in the Tekken storyline. These are all made up by me and are probably not true.

  • Jun Kazama - She is alive and survived the fight with Ogre(just like Baek), her body was bound by some company and is being used for research(just like Kazuya and G Corporation).
  • Sergei Dragunov - He has a girly voice. He does not want people to know that since he has such a high rank and will lose respect.
  • Jun and Kazuya - They probably fell in love. Kazuya did not want a son and that is why he hates Jin right now
  • Kazuya - He was evil in Tekken 2 because he was under the influence of Devil. He is evil now because he has gained control of the devil gene and wants to use it for himself. He has become greedy for power.
  • Jin - He became evil because the world has been bad to him and he wants revenge.(Note:This was my theory untill I played Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6.)
  • Michelle Chang-Julia failed to rescue her during the events of Tekken 3 and she was eventually killed by Heihachi Mishima. Julia does not know about this.
  • Kunimitsu - She tried to kill Yoshimitsu for firing her from the Manji Clan. Yoshimitsu Attacked her to protect himself which sent her into a deep coma.
  • Angel - It was Kazuya all along. She represents him when he is trying to stay away from the devil gene.

(more coming soon)

My opinions on the movie[edit]

What I liked:

  • The direction was good according to me.
  • The sound effects and the music that plays during the fights
  • Jin has got great determination in the movie.
  • The part where he fights Bryan.

What I did not like:

  • The story was lame if you compare it with the games.
  • Steve was too old in the movie. He is even retired.
  • Marshall Law was too young in the movie. And what happen to the freaky sounds he used to make.
  • When did Heihachi ever care about Jin. Well he did in Tekken 3 but still.
  • Jin and Christie like each other.PLEEEEAAASSE
  • What happened to Eddy and Christie's friendship. And why does Christie not use Capoeira.
  • The characters do not look that cool. Christie looks sexy in the games. Even other characters like Nina, Jin.
  • The video games look more realistic than the movie.
  • The Mishimas:Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi do not look that strong. They are even short. Anyone who looks at them would say they are weak.
  • In every fight Jin loses at first and then wins the fight at the end. When did he become weak.
  • Kazuya! You use weapons?

What I am doing here[edit]

At the moment, I am trying to update the page for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Namco has been leaking information really slow so I have been bored on Tekkenpedia. I have recently been trying to be friends with other users.