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His own Character Page?[edit]

I'm sure this has been asked before but why does Violet have his own character page? He IS Lee. They have the same ending. He doesn't even have a different move set. At least with Panda/Kuma and Eddy/Christie they are actually different characters and with Jin/Devil Jin they have their own move sets. Surely Violet could just be a section in Lee's character profile especially considering there isn't very much information on the page anyway. Violet I think is the oddest thing ever to happen in Tekken and I'm including Miharu in that.

I shall fix that when I have the time to [hopefully today]. I agree with the whole "Violet IS Lee" thing as you can see I also moved JayCee's page to Julia Chang's. I don't agree with him being the "oddest thing" to happen to Tekken though. His alter-ego is actually one of the FEW things I praise in Tekken 4 since ,to me, that was the worst Tekken game ever and the worst Tekken media [only to be beaten by that live action film]. But anyway, I'll see to it that Violet's page is moved to Lee's.
Great, much better. Thanks. I don't think Violet was a bad idea. I wouldn't mind other characters being able to assume alter egos I just thought this particular one was a little odd. I have to agree, Tekken 4 was the worst in the series. Though I do love the opening cinematic. It's interesting to note though, story wise it's almost completely skipable, 3 and 5 fit together quite nicely.--Skikes 19:54, 2 August 2011 (PDT)

Violet DOES speak Japanese[edit]

During the Fight Lab mode in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Violet and his assistant speak Japanese while tutoring Combot. He does, however, speak in English outside Fight Lab in his pre-fight quotes. Should the trivia section be changed about Violet being bilingual?

It's all right - User:Toilethead101 13:24 (PHT)