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Blood Talon
Origin Philippines
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Age 20
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Occupation Student
Hobby Gaming (games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Dynasty Warriors), Badminton, Reading
Likes The entire Tekken cast especially Hwoarang, Lili and Asuka, JKF (for helping me deal with spammers before the problem was solved), Hecko X (for introducing me to the deletion template), Redside12/Kweintra (admiring the fact that she's actually one of the few Tekken wiki users that don't seem to copy paste from us), Seddielover12 (Most of the full repairs and reforms of Tekken wiki were done by this person.), Hamachi (The guy who brought in all sorts of reference notes. He currently runs the Russian version of Tekkenpedia)
Dislikes Plagiarisers

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
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Tekkenpedia and Tekken Wiki admin, ask me anything at either wiki

Opinion on the Tekken storyline

I already saw a couple of people do this

  • Tekken 1 - The start of the series.
  • Tekken 2 - A very critical point in old school Tekken and what would define Kazuya as someone different from the stereotypical Japanese protagonist
  • Tekken 3 - Good storyline and introduction of many characters, Ogre coming in with a culling of the old guys was a bold move.
  • Tekken 4 - Another critical moment in Tekken since it features Kazuya's return and had the among the most realistic and relatable storylines.
  • Tekken 5 - The best one story-wise since many of the "dead" characters returned with some sort of reason
  • Tekken 6 - Was interesting to see Jin vs Kazuya get ruined by Lars
  • Tekken 7 - The final battle of the Mishimas, witnessing the beginning to the end, I'm happy to have watched this long story unfold.

My job at the moment

At the moment, I'm currently preparing to add information regarding Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, like many of the remaining active admins and users. I'm currently thinking about fixing the Costume pages of the characters once my college schedule clears up.

Also I'd like to apologize if I ever make a mistake in editing. In my overzealousness, I often neglect small details and tend to forget to do research. In either case, please tell me straight at the talk page if there's a perceived screwup. All that I ask is that a viable source and website is brought in.

Following problems I'm suffering at the moment

  • I don't know Japanese and Korean, so the wiki needs people that can understand these two so that quotes can be filled out
  • With the recent surge of new, foreign dialogue, anyone who understands Arabic, Italian, Deutsch, French is very welcome to help fill out the new quotes.
  • Better info confirmation regarding post-Tekken 3 characters

Thanks to users inside the wiki

Thanks to the admins for guiding me around the wiki especially to User:JunKazamaFan for helping me deal with spam pages. I also want to thank Christekk92 for adding and arranging lots and lots of files and images that I was basically too lazy to do. I also want to thank User:Deadlyslashsword, Comaliez95, User:Janicedragonheart for helping me fill out info for Street Fighter x Tekken, Tekken Tag 2 and the other character pages. I also want to thank BurchBeer101 for helping me fill out the item moves list for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I also want to thank Samuel and other admins for helping me deal with the spam pages. I also want to thank Hamachi for helping me out with stuff recently as most users stated above don't seem as active as before.

Interesting features I saw other wikis have

1. Adding a quote to begin the character (Using the talk bubble)

2. Showing the character's symbolism (Stuff like name base, representations found in costumes, etc)

3. Having a personality section

4. Having a place for admins and users to chat online (maybe an FB group)

5 .Having an official group for editors

Concepts that I feel should be returned/ included

1. Tekken 5 and 4 interludes

2. More special winposes and secrets

3. Special continue screens

4. Cameos from other companies and series

5. Character themes and stages (And I mean all the characters)