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Kazuya - Closeup - New Costume - T6 BR.jpg
Origin Russia
Age 18
Has played Tekken since Tekken 5
Favorite Tekken Tekken 5
Favorite character Yoshimitsu
Hobby Gaming (Fightings: Tekken, Mortal Kombat, SoulCalibur, Virtua Fighter; Horrors: Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Slender, Clock Tower, etc), Reading, Writing, Drawing
Likes Games (Fightings, Horrors and some others genres of games), Tekken characters (Yoshimitsu, Lars, Lili, Asuka, Sergei, Doctor Bosconovitch, Sebastian, Jinpachi), Warriors (Erin Hunter's series of books), Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Dr Pepper, Adventure Time, Blackmill (musician), Kino (Victor Tsoi's band)
Dislikes Russian Wikipedia, Racists, Capcom, Konami

EN - Hello, my name is Veniamin, I'm from Russia. I've been reading Tekkenpedia behold, January 17 2013 decided to register and write about Tekken with great people who created this encyclopedia about the best in the world fighting game series.


Also did: Kinjin/Gallery, Category:Project TEKKEN members, Template:Tekken, Template:Characters, Template:Stages.

25th July, I became an administrator;

EN:Draft of russian version of TekkenPedia. RU:Черновик русской версии ТеккенПедии. EN:Page for the translation templates, categories, etc. RU:Страница для перевода шаблонов, категорий и т.п.


RU - Привет, меня зовут Вениамин, я из России. Я давно читаю Tekkenpedia, и вот, 17 января 2013 года, решил зарегистрироваться и писать о Tekken'е совместно с великими людьми, создавшими эту энциклопедию о самой лучшей в мире серии файтинг игр.


Также сделал: Kinjin/Gallery, Category:Project TEKKEN members, Template:Tekken, Template:Characters, Template:Stages.

25 Июля стал администратором.

Images uploaded by me | Загруженные мной изображения[edit]

To-Do List[edit]

  • Write more about Tekken 2 Zeebo and mobile versions, pirate Teeken 2 (named Tekken 3: Special) port to Sega Mega Drive, pirate Virtua Fighter 2 vs. Tekken 2, Bleemcast! Tekken 3 pirate port to Sega Dreamcast, Tekken Tag Tournament arcade and turbo versions and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U version. [ ]
  • Write about development of T1, T2, T3, TTT2, TR and T:BV. [ ]
  • Get Japanese Tekken Guide Books for more info about characters and story of Tekken. [ ]
  • Find and paste original characters bios from TTT2 Wii U Edition (Thanks to Craig and Nico!). [YesY]
  • Paste references for important info in the articles. [ ]
  • Make new updated movelist pages, with frame data, video demonstration for moves and etc (Prototype here). [ ]
  • Write articles about pachinko Tekken games. [ ]
  • Translate all articles for Russian Tekkenpedia. [ ]
  • Create one structure for articles about characters costumes and add info about customization items. [ ]
  • Create articles about Project TEKKEN members. [ ]


For articles[edit]

Cardboard Tube Samurai Yoshimitsu
Cardboard Tube Samurai 2
Cardboard Tube Samurai 3
Origin of Tekken Force and Tekken Ball
Steve – Dean
Tekken Chance
Jinpachi mentioned in Tekken 1 japanese manual
About creation of TTT2 endings
Harada about Kazuya and Devil (Short)
Harada about Kazuya and Devil (Full)


Need to write[edit]

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