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Michael Murray
Origin USA
Born August 31
Occupation Senior Game Designer, Translator
Hobby Tweet with fans, Parties, Play Games
Likes Drinking, Martial Arts, Manga, Video Games, Devil Jin, Hyde

Michael Murray - is a game designer on the Project TEKKEN team at Namco Bandai Games Inc. He is often seen in interviews translating into English for Katsuhiro Harada. He originally started on the Tekken team in localization of Tekken 4 (arcade) and eventually went on to game design for Tekken 6.

Michael maintains a fairly active Twitter account.


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  • He is fluent in English and Japanese.
  • He has attended university in Japan briefly<ref>Michael Murray Twitter. Twitter (August 19, 2013). Retrieved 20 August 2013.</ref>.
  • He is a father<ref>Michael Murray Twitter. Twitter (Marth 24, 2013). Retrieved 16 August 2013.</ref>.
  • He holds a black belt in Jujutsu<ref>Michael Murray Twitter. Twitter (Marth 23, 2012). Retrieved 16 August 2013.</ref>.
  • He practiced in Muay Thai<ref>Michael Murray Twitter. Twitter (August 19, 2013). Retrieved 19 August 2013.</ref>.