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Child of Destiny
Voiced By
Fighting Style
Age 20
Blood Type unknown
Height 1,67 m
Weight 50 kg
Occupation university student

Tekken X Wishlist[edit]

Tekken X stands for any of the potential upcoming Tekken games. This is my personal wishlist.

  • Buff up the following:
    • Dragon Uppercut
    • Lightning Screw Uppercut
    • cool looking moves (that are useless anyway, so why not?)
    • Kazuya's d/f+2
    • Devil Jin's lows
    • Ganryu
  • Nerf the following:
    • Lars
    • Steve
    • Lili
    • Bryan
    • Law
  • Change the following:
    • Kazuya's 2+4 throw
    • Juggle starters a là Lee's d,d/b+4, Hwoarang's f,n,d,d/f+4 and Baek's f,n,d,d/f+3 need to have their properties changed
    • TTT2 replay and intros
    • Better Netcode
    • An even more severe penalty for disconnectors/ragequitters
  • Things, that need to come back to the Tekken series
    • Story Interludes and Prologues from Tekken 5.
    • Command Capture
    • Tekken Ball
  • Things, that are very much welcome in the Tekken series
    • Replays, that can be saved and later viewed and shared
    • USB stick as Banaport pass
    • Tekken 3D Prime Edition was good. A new, and better 3DS Tekken game will be better! haha

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Finally finished the article: Tekken 3D Prime Edition!

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Templete for Tekken 3D Prime Edition
'''Games in order of appearance:'''
[[Tekken 3D Prime Edition]], ''2012''
{{Installment|Name=Tekken 3D Prime Edition}}
[[File:|thumb|right|180px|Character Portrait in Tekken 3D Prime Edition]]
xxx will be featured as a playable character in [[Tekken 3D Prime Edition]] in his [[Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion|Tekken 6]] incarnation..
[[Tekken 3D Prime Edition]] is a non-canonical [[Tekken]] game containing no plot.
*xxx's last three opponents in ''[[Tekken_3D_Prime_Edition#Quick_Battle|Quick Battle Mode]]'' are [[xxx]], [[xxx]] and [[xxx]].