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For the Arcade mode rank named "Legend", please see Arcade mode#Ranking

This legend explains how to read the various movelists found on the Tekkenpedia as well as any move/juggle FAQ, about a Tekken-character, found anywhere on the web. Important note! A comma (,) is used to separate input. If there is no space between the inputs, it means that it is part of the same move/combo. If there is a space, it means that it is part of a new move (this is typically seen in juggle-FAQs).

For example 1,2,2 would be one move (Heihachi Mishima's Demon Slayer), while 1,2, 2 are two moves (the second 2 would be a regular right punch).


Notation Description Notation Description
1 left punch (square-button) 2 right punch (triangle-button)
3 left kick (X-button) 4 right kick (O-button)
5 tag button any any button, except tag
f tap forward F hold forward
b tap backwards B hold backwards
d tap down D hold down
u tap up U hold up
d/f tap down-forward D/F hold down-forward
d/b tap down-back D/B hold down-back
u/f tap up-forward U/F hold up-forward
u/b tap up-back U/B hold up-back
qcf quarter circle forward (d,d/f,f) qcb quarter circle back (d,d/b,b)
hcf half circle forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f) hcb half circle back (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)


Notation Description Notation Description
FC full crouch animation ("activated" by pressing D) WS while standing up (aka "while rising")
N neutral (no direction inputs) WR while running
SS sidestep either way SSR sidestep to the character's right
SSL sidestep to the character's left [ ] content will be an optional command
, followed by (explained at the top) ~ immediately after
+ at the same time ( _ ) or
< delayed input = next in sequence
° push and hold button : requires just frame input
B! Bound

Grounded positions[edit]

Grounded Positions
Notation Name Description
PLD Play Dead Position Face up and feet away from opponent
KND Knockdown Position Face up and feet towards opponent
SLD Slide Position Face down and feet away from opponent
FCD Face Down Position Face down and feet towards opponent

Hit Range[edit]

Hit Range
Notation Name Description
h High Hits opponent high, guarded against with B or evaded by ducking
m Middle Hits opponent middle, guarded against with B
l Low Hits opponent low, guarded against with D/B, parried with d/f and evaded by jumping
Sm Special Middle Hits middle, can be guarded with B or D/B
H High Hits high, will hit grounded opponent
M Middle Hits middle, will hit grounded opponent
L Low Hits low, will hit grounded opponent.
! Unblockable Cannot be blocked, but can often be reversed/parried
(!) Unblockable Unblockable hit can be ducked
[!] Unblockable Unblockable hits grounded opponents

Move Properties[edit]

Move Properties
Notation Name Description
CH Counter Hit Requires a Counter Hit for the rest to be guaranteed
RC Recover Crouching You can recover from the move in a crouching position, instead of a standing, by pressing ~D.
GB Guard Break The opponents hand are usually raised.
MS Minor Stun In most cases hits aren't guaranteed.
CS Crumple Stun Animations can look different, can start a combo with a jab.
CF Crumple Fall Opponent slowly falls to KND position.
KS Kneel Stun In some cases you get a free launcher.
BS Block Stun Attacking character is stunned.
JG Juggle Starter Opponent is airborn and can be juggled.
BN Bounce Juggle Starter Opponent slams into the ground hard enough to bounce into the air and can be juggled.


Notation Name Character
ALB Albatros Spin Steve Fox
AOP Art of Phoenix Ling Xiaoyu - Lei Wulong
BDS Bad Stomach Dr. Boskonovitch
CDS Crouching Demon Stance Jin Kazama
CES Clockwise Evasive Spin Julia Chang
CJM Chaos Judgement Anna Williams
CRA Art of Crane Lei Wulong
DCK Ducking Steve Fox
DFS Dragon Fake Step Marshall Law
DGF Dragonfly Stance Yoshimitsu
DGN Art of Dragon Lei Wulong
DRU Drunken Master Lei Wulong
DSS Dragon Sign Stance Marshall Law
DSF Destroy Form Alisa Bosconovitch
EFB Electric Fall Back Dr. Boskonovitch
EFF Electric Fall Fake Dr. Boskonovitch
FB Fall Back Dr. Boskonovitch
FLE Flea Dance Yoshimitsu
FLK Flicker Steve Fox
HBS Hunting Bear Stance Kuma/Panda
HMS Hitman Stance Lee Chaolan/Violet
HPF Haze Palm Fist Asuka Kazama
HSP Handstand Position Eddy Gordo/Christie Monteiro
INS Indian Sit Yoshimitsu
KNP Kenpo Step Feng Wei
LCT Leg Cutter Asuka Kazama
LFF Left Foot Forward Hwoarang
LFS Left Flamingo Stance Hwoarang
LWV Left Weave Steve Fox
MED Meditation Yoshimitsu
PAN Art of Panther Lei Wulong
RDS Rain Dance Stance Ling Xiaoyu
RFF Right Foot Forward Hwoarang
RFS Right Flamingo Stance Hwoarang
RLX Relaxed Position Eddy Gordo/Christie Monteiro
ROL Prowling Grizzly Roll Kuma/Panda
RWV Right Weave Steve Fox
SDW Shadow Stance Raven
SIT Sit Down Ganryu - Kuma/Panda - Jacks
SNA Art of Snake Lei Wulong
SWY Sway Away Steve Fox - Paul Phoenix
TGR Art of Tiger Lei Wulong
VTS Vale Tudo Stance Craig Marduk
MGS Moon Glide Stance Eliza