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{{{Throw Name}}}
Command {{{Command}}}
Type {{{Type}}}
Escape {{{Escape Command}}}
Damage {{{Damage}}}
Properties {{{Properties}}}
Move Frames Escape Advantage
{{{Frames}}} {{{Escape Advantage}}}
|Throw Name = 
|Image = 
|Command = 
|Type = 
|Escape Command = 
|Damage = 
|Properties = 
|Frames = 
|Escape Advantage = 

Explanation of terms[edit]

Throw Name[edit]

Name of the throw. You can often write {{PAGENAME}} here to make it automatically fill in the name of the article.


And image or a video of the move (the latter is prefered). In case of adding an image, use regular wiki markup for images, and make sure it has a width of 240px. In case of adding a video, input {{#ev:youtube|YouTube video ID (After v=)|240}}


The command(s) of the respective throw. In case of multiple commands and/or multiple users, be sure to add who uses the specific command and/or what games it was used in if they differ. See EWGF for example. In the case of "Any grab command" (usually the case in back, left, and right type throws), it means simply that any grab command can be used, and rather than having to write 5-6 different commands, please just refer to all the possible throws the character can do from the front.


What opponent positions the throw aims at, i.e. "left", "right", "back", "front", "crouch", "ground - face up - legs", "ground - face down - right", etc.


The button input needed to escape the throw.


The amount of damage the throw does.


Any special properties the move(s) may have. See here for list of properties.

Move Frames[edit]

The number of frames the move animation takes.

Escape Advantage[edit]

The amount of frame advantage or disadvantage over the opponent if the throw is escaped.