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If life has no purpose then you're already dead... -Cojin-

Origin U.S.A
Voiced By {{{voice}}}
Fighting Style Tenkai-Ken
Age 20
Blood Type B-
Height 5'11"
Weight 180 lbs
Occupation Warehouse Guy/Martial Artist
Hobby Internet, Reading, Learning new things
Likes Friends, Girls, Lana Lei
Dislikes Deception, Gossip, People who pick fights just because they know they can win.


Yo I'm Cojin I'm an average guy who likes to take it easy. Any questions feel free to ask!! I won't bite unless I transform into a vampire or somethin...>_> The real me here


The first Tekken I played was part three. I at first liked Hwoarang because he used Tae Kwon Do like I had practiced, but then I settled for Jin Kazama due to me quitting that ineffective martial arts. So I've been a Jin player ever since.


  • Jinpachi Mishimia in human form some how reminds me of Zeus.
  • Christie Monterio is Hott!!!!!
  • Lee is cool but I sometimes wonder about the unicorn...
  • Yoshimitsu is a better Ninja than Raven.
  • Wants to see Devil Jin Vs. Devil
  • Wonders in Tekken 6 is that the real Jin?
  • Julia is also Hot.
  • This Miguel guy has no chance against Jin.
  • Kazuya still has a small amount of good in him.
  • Wonders why Heihachi isn't cursed.
  • I need a rival.
  • I'm gettin old... :P