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Origin England
Fighting Style Shotokan Karate and Hakkyokuken
Age 11
Blood Type O
Height 5"0
Weight 49kg
Occupation Student
Hobby Computer, Speed Stacks
Likes Tekken Series, Leo and Lars Alexandersson
Dislikes Tranvestites, Virtual Fighter
Favorite Character Leo, Lars Alexandersson


Tekken-rules2007, (known as the first piczo website of Tekken) was a legend of Tekken for three years running and never gave up. That is why he learns a fighting style called Shotokan Karate, and he teaches himself Hakkyokuken.

One day, he learnt about the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and had a demo. He got the game and learnt that the King of Iron Fist Tournament and participated and be one of those Tekken fans.

My Favourite Ending[edit]


Tekken 7 Possibilities[edit]

Rumours Of Players Returning:

Alisa Bosconovitch Leo Zafina Kazuya Mishima Jin Kazama Heihachi Mishima Lars Alexandersson Armor King Bryan Fury Sergei Dragunov

Possible New Characters

||Zak Golej||

Origin: India Fighting Style: Krav Maga


Origin: Argentina Fighting Style: Yoseikan

||Charlie Todo||

Origin: England Fighting Style: Boxing

||Sofie Laracota||

Origin: Spain Fighting Style: Xolikan (X PRONOUNCED AS Z)

Tekken 6[edit]

So many people have wanted to know when it is out, For now the date is to come out Autumn 2009, and I hate waiting! Grrrrrr!!!!


  • I made
  • RaiJinX is nearly my friend
  • Played Tekken for 3 years (nearly 4)
  • KingisBest and JunKazamaFan rock!

Some New Pages I Made For Tekkenpedia[edit]

  • None as of yet.

Some other users can do some others