Rising Uppercut

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Rising Uppercut
Command f,N,d,d/f+2
f,N,d/f+2 (Kazuya alternative, T2 onward)
Damage 30 (T1, T2)
25 (T3, TTT)
Hit Range m (T1-TTT, except Jin)
h (Jin T3, TTT)
h (all, T4 onwards)
Properties JG
JGc (T4)
Move Frames Hit Advantage
11 KD
Block Advantage CH Advantage
-10 KD

Rising Uppercut, called Wind Godfist (風神拳 Fuujinken) in the Japanese versions and Tekken 6(all versions) onwards, is a move introduced in the first Tekken game that is available to all practitioners of Mishima Style Karate, as well as Armor King in Tekken 1 and 2. A variant of this move exists known as an Electric Wind Godfist (EWGF). Armor King's version of the move is named Tiger Uppercut.

Due to the Rising Uppercut's inferior properties in terms of hitbox size and recovery time when compared to the EWGF, one of the first pieces of advice a player gets, when playing a character who practices Mishima Style Karate, is to abandon the Rising Uppercut and learn how to perform the EWGF regularly.

When to use[edit]

Rising Uppercut is commonly used as a launcher, usually until a player learns how to perform the EWGF on a frequent basis. Generally an incoming Rising Uppercut is hard to detect, however it is common for some players to unnecessarily "extend" the crouch dash. Rising Uppercut sets the opponent up reasonably well for juggles, especially if starting the juggle with a punch of some description. The Rising Uppercut is however never used in high-level play, but is instead substituted with the before mentioned EWGF.