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Baek Doo San/Tekken 5 Movelist is a list of all the moves Baek Doo San can perform in Tekken 5.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Hammerhead Throw 1+3(or f+1+3) Front 35 1
Blue Shark Claw 2+4(or f+2+4) Front 35 2
Snake Revenge 1+3(or 2+4) Left 40 1
Hunting Serpent 1+3(or 2+4) Right 40 1
Compound Fracture 1+3(or 2+4) Back 50 None
Human Cannonball f+2+3 Front 30 1+2
Swordfish Throw d/b+1+3 Front 40 1+2
Roll and Choke f,F+2 Front 40 1+2


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Double Jab 1,1 5,5 hh
One Two Combo 1,2 5,10 hh
One Two Flaming Step 1,2,3,(f_b) 5,10 hh
One Two Butterfly Kicks 1,2,3,3,3,4 5,10,15,12,25 hhhmh CS
One Two Butterfly Needle 1,2,3,3,3,d+4 5,10,15,12,10 hhhmL KND
One two Black Widow 1,2,3,3,4,4,3 5,10,15,15,15,18,17 hhhhhmm
One Two Maelstrom 1,2,3,3,4,4,4 5,10,15,15,15,18,15 hhhhhmL MS
One Two Butterfly Blade 1,2,3,4,3 5,10,15,8,25 hhhLm JG
Right Punch Back Fist 2,2 12,15 hh
Butterfly Kicks 3,3,3,4 15,12,12,25 hhmh CS
Butterfly Kicks 3,3,3,d+4 15,12,12,10 hhmL
Launching Rocket 3,4,3 15,8,25 hLm JG
Black Widow 3,3,4,4,3 15,12,18,17 hhmm
Maelstrom 3,3,4,4,4 15,12,18,15 hhmL MS
Falling Axe 4,4 15,18 hm
Lightning Halberd 3+4 10,10 hh KND
Body Blow f+2 18 m MS
Trident Rush f+3,3,2 10,10,12 hLm MS
Spinning Axe Kick f+1+2,4 18,9 mM KND
Heel Drop to Middle Kick F+4,3 22,17 mm MS
Heel Drop to Low Kick F+4,4 22,15 mL MS
Double Claymore d/f+3,4 21,15 mm MS
Snake Rocket d+3,3,3 12,7,22 LLm JG
Snake Kick d+3,3,d+3 12,7,7 LLL
Baek's Rush d+4,3,3,3 7,10,15,25 Lmmm
Baek's Rush Low d+4,3,3,d+3 7,10,15,15 LmmL
Sliding Knee Cap d/b+3 12 l
Dark Halberd d/b+4 21 L KND
Stealth Needle b+1 17 m
Bolt Cut b+2 15 h
Flamingo1 b+3 0 None
From 1 Flamingo to High Low Kick 3,3,4 Flamingo 15,15,10 mmL KND
From 1 Flamingo Eliminator 3,4,4,3 Flamingo 15,10,18,15 mhmm
From 1 Flamingo Maelstrom 3,4,4,4 Flamingo 15,10,18,15 mhmL MS
From 1 Flamingo Rocket f+3 Flamingo 25 m KND
From 1 Crimson Lance f+4 Flamingo 30 h KND
From 1 Flamingo Pick d+3 Flamingo 7 L
From 1 Head Crusher b+3 Flamingo 21 m
Heel Lance b+4 15 m JG
Destruction u+4,3 10,15 hh JG
Bone Stinger u/f+2 22 m MS
Hunting Hawk u/f+3,4,3 15,9,12 hmh KND
Leaping Snap Kick u/f+3 18 m JG
Trick Butterfly Kicks u/f,N,3,3,3,4 25,?,?,? mhmh KND
Trick Butterfly Needle u/f,N,3,3,3,d+4 25,?,?,? mhmL KND
Trick Black Widow u/f,N,3,3,4,4,3 25,?,?,?,? mhhmm KND
Trick Maelstrom u/f,N,3,3,4,4,4 25,?,?,?,15 mhhmL KND
Hopping Double Kick u/f,N,3,4 25,14 mh KND
Rocket Lifter u/f,N,3,d+4,3 25,?,? mLm KND
Left Heel Drop f,F+3 23 m KND
Hammer Heel f,F+4 15 m MS
Spinning Backfist b,B+2 12 h
Cyclone Launcher f,f,N,3 21 h JG
Rocket Shooter f,N,d,D/F+3 25 m JG
Killing Blade f,f,f+3 30 m KND
Double High to Low Kick WS+3,3,4 12,10,10 hmL KND
Eliminator WS+3,4,4,3 12,15,18,17 hhmm
Knee Javelin WS+3,4,4,4 12,15,18,15 hhmL MS
Albatross WS+4,4,3 13,16,17 mmm
Javelin WS+4,4,4 13,16,15 mmL MS
Race Hammer SS+1 17 m
Reverse Middle Kick Back towards enemy+4 15 m
Parry b+1+2 0 None

String Hits[edit]

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
4,3,4,3,3,3,3,3,4,3 8 61 hhLmmmhhLm
4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4,3,3 9 97 hhhLmmmLm[!]


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Dynamite Heel d/b+3+4 40 [!] KND
Last Resort b,B+3+4 60 (!) KND

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