Blazing Kick

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Blazing Kick
Command d,d/b+4
Damage 22
Hit Range m
Properties JG
Move Frames Hit Advantage
22 KD
Block Advantage CH Advantage
-17(T4 onwards)

Blazing Kick (ブレイジングキック bureijingu kikku) was introduced in Tekken 2 as part of Lee Chaolan's movelist. It has been somewhat of a staple move for Lee, as the sheer height of its launch allows for many possibilities. Notably, in older games, this move wouldn't launch if the hit wasn't "clean" or if the opponent wasn't standing.

When to use

This move is indispensable for juggles and there is very little the opponent can do to retaliate after it's blocked. It is very vulnerable to sidestepping, but once it connects the user should always take advantage.


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