Hellfire Blast

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Hellfire Blast
Command 1+2 ~[u_d]
Damage 37
Hit Range (!)
Properties KND
Move Frames Hit Advantage
39 KD
Block Advantage CH Advantage

Hellfire Blast, called Crimson Thunder Wave (雷紅波 raikouwa) in the Japanese version, was introduced in Tekken 5 as part of Devil Jin's movelist. This move is similar to Devil's "Inferno" attack. Hellfire Blast is much faster than Inferno, and instead of shocking the opponent, it forcefully knocks the opponent to the ground. Notably, while Inferno had a range limit, Hellfire Blast will extent through the entire screen - but at farther distances there's a chance that the move will wander upwards before it reaches the opponent.


Hellfire Blast is a "high risk - high reward" move; though it can take a good chunk of health away, Devil Jin is at the mercy of the opponent if he misses. In most cases, the opponent has enough time to perform their strongest unblockable attack before Devil Jin regains control. The user can angle Hellfire Blast to the left or right by pressing Up or Down respectfully. Doing this slightly shortens the recovery time, but the user needs to be very close to the opponent to connect this way (or, on the off chance that the opponent side-steps in the same direction, it can be used at a distance.)

Avoiding Hellfire Blast[edit]

Hellfire Blast can be avoided by simply crouching or sidestepping.

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