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Tekken 5[edit]

Player One: Jinpachi's most known outfit is an unplayable "devil" form with stretched gold belt, red torn pants with patterns on them, purple skin/aura, red eyes, and a mouth in his stomach, from which he could shoot fire balls from.

Interlude Outfit: Jinpachi's pants are retained but he is in his human form with his jewelry.( The human form is only seen during most interludes. )

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online[edit]

Jinpachi in his T5: DR "Devil" form (left) and Jinpachi in his T5 "Devil" form (right).
  • Player One Outfit:

( see Tekken 5 Player 1 Outfit. )

  • Player Two Outfit:

Jinpachi's appearance as an unplayable Final Boss outfit from Tekken 5 returned in the game. It is almost identical to his Player 1 outfit but now with white eyes, a white horn portruding from his head fire and magma-like substances around his body. (It was meant to match his T5: DR Inferno stage.)

Player 3 : He is in his human form again, however his red pants are recolored in Jade green.

  • He is Playable in the PS3 version, or the PSP Version ( through hacking. )

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Player 1 Outfit: (See Tekken 5 Interludes Outfit.)

Player 2 Outfit: (See Tekken 5: DR Player 3 Outfit.)

  • Despite being in his human form throughout the game, he can still shoot fireballs.