Neck Breaker

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Neck Breaker
Command 1+3 (T1-TTT, T5-T6)
2+4,f (T4)
Type Front
Escape 1+3 (T2)
1 (T3+)
Damage 35 (T1)
30 (T2-TTT)
Move Frames Escape Advantage

The Neck Breaker, called Naked Choke (裸締め Hadakajime) in Japan, is a trademark Heihachi move which has been around since the first Tekken on the PlayStation. On the arcade version of Tekken 1, Heihachi did not have this move, instead he shared the Double High Sweep throw with Kazuya. In Tekken 5, the animation of this move has changed. It is considered embarrassing to be caught in this move.


  • The hadakajime is an actual move from Jujutsu and Judo. The 'naked' part of the name is actually a reference to the opponents state of dress and not one's own, as most chokes in judo/jujutsu require some manipulation of the opponents gi. The hadakajime does not, however, meaning that it would be just as effective had the opponent not been wearing a gi (i.e. been 'naked').
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