Omen Dragon Uppercut

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Omen Dragon Uppercut
Command f,N,d,d/f+1
Damage 31
Hit Range m
Properties KND
Move Frames Hit Advantage
Block Advantage CH Advantage
Chains from Chains to

Omen Dragon Uppercut (in the movelist as Omen to Dragon Uppercut), also called Devil Jin Thunder Godfist, is a move that can only be performed by Jin Kazama in Tekken Tag Tournament, and only while in Omen mode.

The Omen Dragon Uppercut is actually Jin performing Heihachi's Electric Dragon Uppercut. Because of this, he can't link the Omen Dragon Uppercut with other moves like with his regular Dragon Uppercut, but instead, the damage increases by 2 and the opponent is guaranteed to launch if hit (with Jin's regular Dragon Uppercut, the opponent only launches on a clean hit).

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