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Command 2,2,3
B+1,1,4 (TTT2)
~2~2~3 (Force cancel)
Damage 0
Hit Range None
Move Frames Hit Advantage
Block Advantage CH Advantage
Chains from Chains to
b+1+2 f,f+1+2
TTT2 additions:

Omen (兆候 kizashi), also called Devil Jin Possession, is a move exclusive to Jin Kazama in Tekken Tag Tournament that can only be performed if he is partnered with Heihachi Mishima. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, he can also enter this stance when teamed up with Devil Jin, Kazuya, and Jinpachi. The command must be input during the Force animation, not after. If the command inputted is 2,2,3 , the entire Force animation will show, however, if ~2~2~3 is inputted, the latter part of Force is cancelled (hence "Force cancel"). In TTT2, the command changes from 2,2,3 to B+1,1,4.

During Omen, Jin will adopt Heihachis fighting stance. He will also get Devil's/Devil Jin's third eye (on the forehead), which is what led to the alternate name "Devil Jin Possession".


Movements (remain in Omen mode)[edit]

Most action performed during Omen will make Jin "snap out" of it. The only movements that may be used and still be in Omen "mode" are:

  1. dash forward
  2. dash backwards
  3. walking forward
  4. and taking small steps backwards (continuously walking backwards will cause him to go out of Omen mode).

If only these moves are used, Jin can remain in Omen mode indefinitely.

Movements (exit Omen mode)[edit]

Actions that make Jin exit Omen mode are:

  1. starting a crouch
  2. jumping
  3. finishing a crouch dash
  4. continuously walking backwards
  5. blocking
  6. sidestepping
  7. tagging out
  8. getting hit
  9. attacking

In last case, if the attack is an "Omen attack" (see "Chains to" in the box), Jin exits Omen after the attack, if it is not, he exits it before the attack.

Damage and properties[edit]

The damage and/or the properties of Omen moves are usually quite different from their regular counterparts. Most notably, alost all Omen moves do recoil damage to Jin himself at the end of the move animation, whether the move connects, is blocked, or whiffs. Also, some Omen moves seems to be more effective against either one or both of his parents (Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima), in the sense that they do more damage and the recoil damage is less.


When Omen moves are blocked by either Jin (opponent), Heihachi Mishima, Devil, or any of the mimics (Unknown, Mokujin, and Tetsujin) mimicing them, the move is deflected completely, pushing back not only the blocking character, but Jin (player) as well. However, this interruption in the animation also means that Jin will not take any recoil damage.