Omen Corpse Hitter

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Omen Corpse Hitter
Command 1+2
Stance Omen
Damage See text
Hit Range m
Properties JG CFS
Move Frames Hit Advantage
Block Advantage CH Advantage
Chains from Chains to

Omen Corpse Hitter is a recoiling move from Tekken Tag Tournament that is part of Jin Kazama's movelist. Jin can only use this while he is imbued with Omen power, also refered to as Devil Jin Possession.

The execution of the move is the same as the Corpse Thrust, however, it deals greater damage, is safe on block, has different properties, and is self-damaging.

Damage Calculation[edit]

Inflicted damage[edit]

  • It deals a total of 31 points of damage, 28 at the moment of the hit, 3 when the crumple fall stun animation ends. The last 3 points of damage are not inflicted if the animation does not end, e.g. is 'interupted' due to a juggle.
    • Against Kazuya, it deals a total of 41 points of damage, 32,3,3,3, respectively, and does not do an additional 3 points of damage at the end of the CFS animation.

Recoil damage[edit]

  • Jin will take 9 points of damage during the last part of the move animation, no matter if the hit connects, whiffs, or is blocked.
    • Against Kazuya, he will only take 7 points of damage.
  • If the move is blocked by Heihachi, Jin (opponent), or Devil, Jin's attack will be deflected and he will take no recoil damage.
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