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Kinjin, another member of the mokugenken people( Mokujin and Tetsujin), also they rhyme with Jin at the end of each name, didn't know that there will be another one since 14 years ago and know. He was in TTT too? Maybe I missed one hidden character but now he's in Tekken Revolution. How long have you seen him come to Tekken games? Could be unknown to you but all three Mokujins have the same interest: They all like Mimicry. They could be tricky when they either win or lose their fighting style will change depending on what character and movement they're doing. Mastering all characters will be a great recovery if you participate. Also their skin type for Mokujin's is wood, Tetsujin's is metal( silver colored), and Kinjin's is gold like a king. Kinjin will be determined as our unknown character from Tekken 4 to Tekken Tag Tournament 2.