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This is not Tekken[edit]

I would like to put fourth a rule. That Tekken the live action film cannot be used as a reference on character pages, or any other pages for that matter outside of this one. My problem with this is that character relationship sections are getting very murky and confusing because they are referencing the main series, non canonical games, the anime and now the live action movie. The reason I'm choosing this film and not the anime for example is because this film is extremely far removed from the games. The game creators had no say or input and it only very vaguely resembles the game universe. The fact is this movie is little more than fan fiction and if we reference this we may as well start referencing every piece of Tekken fan fiction written. I would really appreciates some thoughts on this.

OR how about adding "canon" and "non-canon" sections to character relationships?

Pushed Back Again?! D:[edit]

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>< Argh it got pushed back again?! Man :(... Oh well. When it does come out, hope its actually good. Love the Japanese poster ^.^

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